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Graphic PIZiadas

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En Passant : A musical made with Blender

En PassantA musical, done with Blender, is the latest jewel in the animations made with free software.

Above 40 artists have worked for about two years in this exciting production that shows the ability of this suite of modeling and animation software, incorporating editing and post-production tools.

Chris Burton read together with Z. Raphaely us vibrate with this delicious fruit art work of its creators.

Hardened by her violent upbringing, a young woman goes on a night of mayhem, and crosses a very dangerous personal line.

This is an animated musical short directed by myself (Chris Burton), with a score by Leeran Z. Raphaely. It was produced using the open-source software Blender over a period of two years. Over 40 artists, musicians, singers and actors from around the world collaborated on it, all without funding.

It’s festival run culminated in winning both of its nominations at this year’s Jerry Goldsmith Awards in Cordoba, Spain – scooping up both Best Soundtrack for an Animated Film and Best Song for Leilah’s Ballad.

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