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Graphic PIZiadas

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BlenderOn this page you can find the index of different tutorials modeling and animation software Blender.

It is a free tool that allows imaging of fixed and animated synthesis to produce high-quality movies.

The tutorials are structured in different topics and have been developed to introduce (form) to my university students in this versatile tool.

You can download the latest version of Blender here

You can also access these pages, to deepen the basic concepts needed for synthetic images

Introduction to Blender

Software Installation and introdcción the interface of the tool. We will see how to create and assign ew windows overlooking the virtual three-dimensional space in which you create animated scenes.

FicherosFiles and Scenes

Objects, scenes and work environment settings can be stored and retrieved from storage devices. Blender allows you to define several scenes in a project and add and move objects between different scene.

capasCamera and Layers

The visualization of the scene objects is controlled by “Cámara”. Scene elements can be grouped also in layers that can be visible or hidden found.

ShadingMaterials: Shading

The appearance “alive” the object is determined by applying “Materials” and “Textures” on the surface.

Transparencies, reflections, refractions, are properties that affect the light incident on the object.


The scene illumination affects the perception of objects, modifying its “color” to interact with the materials that have been defined for the objects


Add prebuilt objects (primitive) and edit to give the desired shape.

The selection process vertices, edges and faces will transform its vertices, creating polygon meshes that describe the shape of objects.

Threadlike forms deformations “Lattice” allow to obtain complex objects that can be animated.



The primitives are the basis of the modeling is done by manually editing vertices, edges and facets, or by applying modifiers that apply more or less complex transformations on a set of these elements.


The text generation and conversion to polygon meshes to simplify the use of characters in the scene. Like any other object is deformable and can be animated in sequence.

Operaciones booleanasBoolean operations

Solid modeling differs substantially from mesh. Is especially useful for the generation of mechanical.


There are different techniques to define and control an animation. “Key Framing” or declaration of pictures and checkpoints is the best known and elementary.


Particle systems can create effects like smoke, the fog, clouds, fire etc.. Calculations are based on physical complex with interacting elements.


Rendering engine


The postproduction to integrate all the audiovisual material to generate the narrative sequence. In this phase you can manipulate the image with a set of operators that can intensify, melt, superimposing different sequences etc..

Video Editing with BlenderVideo Editing with Blender

Blender features a powerful nonlinear video editor that allows “join” rendered images and produce the final video that contains


Programming with Python allows you to develop scripts that expand the possibilities of Blender

Tears of Steel – Blender Foundation’s fourth short Open Movie

Tears of Steel – Blender Foundation’s fourth short Open Movie

Internet offers interesting and elaborate examples of using synthetic image. Below are some selected works of interest, for observing environmental wealth.

Examples of synthetic image

ArtGallery Blender

Blender Art Gallery


Spheres with Raytracing

Ray tracing [Imagen 1024×1024]