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Cat’s Meow [ Animation ]

Cats Meow

A new 3D animated short for our collection of useful work for the study of visual techniques in synthetic image.
An interesting work by Jorge Garcia 2009 in which, as usual, the script determines the success of a good buzz.

Humor as a basis for this nice work of art school.

Short animation


In my regular classes I use resources available in the network. At the Polytechnic University of Madrid computing platform is home to Moodle courses. This platform has the disadvantage of being closed for people who are not registered in the courses, as it is for internal use.

The universalization of knowledge is to allow free access to content and the blog can be used as a showcase for this purpose, either as a means of publishing content themselves or simply as a tool to link multiple thematic content of interest every day browsing with search engines meeting.

Big Catch [ Animation ]

Big catch

When a fisherman decides to relax on the dock, can not imagine that will make capturing your life.

This simple argument, undoubtedly reflecting the wishes of any fisherman, serve this nice thread in computer animation short.



Kajimba is a project of cartoon production company RedCartel in Sydney, Australia. Designed by James Neale, is aimed at an adult audience and is a part of Australia, little known to the world. Kajimba is an ancient waterhole where, for thousands of years, animals of the interior… (leer más)

Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping es el arte de utilizar proyecciones de imágenes que se adaptan a la forma de los objetos que se usan como “pantallas” o soportes de proyección, getting stunning views and elegant especially in urban elements. Es una nueva forma de comunicarse y promocionar eventos o productos. Es especialmente útil desde el punto de vista del marketing para aquellos que quieran lanzar un mensaje de una manera llamativa y atractiva visualmente con la exposición pública garantizada: la proyección en 3D de los edificios

Circuit [Animation]


Circuit is a small animated short with synthetic image in which two characters cyber (robots) have a fun showdown. The video is a good example of so-called “Particle Systems” and the application of techniques “multifísica” for automatic generation of moving objects. With these systems, objects… (leer más)

Flotilla (detail) (Papiroflexia)

Fleet is a micro-origami video (2 or 3 cm long) that it opens slowly over the surface of the water by capillarity. Capillarity is a property of fluids that depends on its surface tension (which in turn, It depends on the cohesion or intermolecular force in liquid), that gives it the ability to upload or… (leer más)

Short animation: Twisted Whiskers

Twisted Whiskers are a series of animations short highlights of personality are a source of "fill" used in many commercial television channels.
Estos cortos de una duración inferior al minuto servían de caretas de cambio de programación, completing the blocks assigned to each time slot.

History of animation: Cartoon Masks

The visual language has evolved since its birth. An ellipsis (way to indicate that time has passed narrative) is watching a clock built using a cast time changed (showing the time interval) or by a calendar sheets ... ; the same visual message is currently done in different ways, much more… (leer más)

The parable of the mantis [animation]

Inside the computer animation classes I teach as elective subject, dedicate a space to watch and discuss short films animation. Today I leave one of these fantastic and beautiful short films made with synthetic image. A parable from which we can draw lessons for life. Is a… (leer más)