Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Index of refraction

Index of refraction

By introducing transparent materials have been different parameters that characterize. In “Cycles” have named a shader “Glass” to simulate the behavior of translucent objects where the light changes direction through them.

Has an associated transparency parameter that redirection of light rays passing through the material, is the coefficient of refraction; the software performs calculations to simulate these effects are based on the "Law of Snell".

ROSA [ Animation ]

ROSA is a short animation of Jesus Orellana deestética “Underground” some comics reminiscent of the 80's.

Use the aesthetics “Matrix” little contrast in environments that create a dense atmosphere, almost dark, to develop an argument in which a cyborg must fight to survive.

An interesting audiovisual proposal may soon become a super-production of cinema.

The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository

The development of algorithms for image reconstruction and computer analysis has grown dramatically in recent years, developing a universal science that structures developed procedures. The presentation of these algorithms in scientific conferences allows the exchange of ideas among researchers in the field, I usually use a series of models… (leer más)

RGB voxel [ Imagen ][ Wallpaper ]


The world, an inherent continuous, is discretized using equally spaced samples digitally called voxels.

A spatial partition characterized identical volumes with an actual value of the property representative study.

The representation of objects using voxelization techniques necessary to work with large amounts of data, however, can be treated evenly with matrix models.

Gopher broke [ Animation ]


A short mood (Jeff Fowler) it was nominated in the 2005 for an Oscar for best animated short.

Produced by Blur Studio, shows us the adventures of its protagonist to get some food.

A plan unfortunately frustrated by other secondary actors, which however did not discourage our character.

LuxRender 1.0 : Nuevo motor de renderizado basado en la física de la luz

Logo LuxRender

LuxRender is a rendering engine based on the physical properties of light.

Has recently been made available to end users a new stable version, labeled 1.0, available on Windows platforms, Mac the Lynux.

LuxRender can generate realistic images, as we can see by visiting his gallery

Blender Siggraph 2012 reel


Today I've seen posted on BlenderNation a reference to “The Process Diary” whose pages Caggegi Paul presents his work editing the best images made with Blender, presented in the SIGGRAPH this year 2012.

Quality render these scenes play with the imagination of many of these works. A video 2:30 minutes long with sequences 24 different jobs.

RGB [ Cycles ] [ Wallpaper ]


An exercise in rendering the engine Cycles, Spot type three foci in the primary colors of light (Red, Green, Blue), projected onto three planes (horizontal bands) textured glass (glass) in identical colors.
The sum of the different colors allows for other side, and center, where all the three foci, The white color.

Blender Siggraph 2011 reel


In Blendernation we can find related to blender world news. One of the latest publications is a call to submit pictures and videos made with Blender at SIGGRAPH 2012. The conference to be held this year in Los Angeles, between 5 and 9 August, presenta las últimas técnicas en creación de… (leer más)

Cycles : Shaders : Transparency


Another of the "shaders" incorporating "Cycles" in Blender's "Transparency". Similar to the type “Glass” allows light to pass through the surfaces but, in this case, Refraction occurs in (deviation) light.

It is especially useful, in combination with mask acting textures, to remove part of a surface.

Cycles : Shaders : Diffuse [ Blender ]


Upon visual introduction to shaders saying we introduced the concept:

Synthetic images, as we are calculating with Blender, are rendered with different types of algorithms; results vary the final representation of the objects in the scene.

The mathematical models which allow a synthetic image are grouped into what is called “Shaders” the Shader.