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Cycles Demoreel 2015

Cycles is one of the engines of render boasts the Blender animation suite. It is based on models of raytracing supporting an interactive render added that a management system using graphical nodes and acceleration using GPU.
Do you want to see what can be done with this rendering engine?

Bunny [ Wallpaper ]

We have spoken of the “Stanford 3D Scanning Repository” in another of the blog entries. The Stanford repository brings 3D models composed of surfaces (models of borders) use in the comparison of results of modern representation techniques. One of the favorite models can be downloaded in different resolutions (number of polygons) this is… (leer más)

Calabaza de Halloween 2014 : Wallpaper

Cada vez que se acercan las fechas señaladas repetimos los mismos patrones de comportamiento. En Halloween no hay excepción tampoco y nos rodeamos de imágenes fantasmagóricas que nos recuerdan que es la noche de los difuntos.

Las calabazas vaciadas e iluminadas con velas son uno de los elementos decorativos más representativos de estas fechas en determinados países.

Halloween Ghost [ Wallpaper ]

Like every year, night 31 October we celebrated a party with a unique iconography called terrifying “Halloween night”; also can call “Halloween” or “Night of the Dead”,.

The decoration of these days often take dark dye, people dress up and develop numerous themed parties. Alongside ghosts costumes, vampires, zombies etc., very often carve figures on pumpkins, illuminating from the inside to create unique shadows.

Cycles : Shaders : Variables Glass [ Blender ]

Among the "shaders" that incorporates "Cycles" in Blender have one especially suited to simulate glass and crystals, and other transparent surfaces: “Glass”.

The crystal is a medium that allows the passage of light (translucent) modifying its trajectory. It also reflects the light creating high gloss specular effects.
This shader has two basic variables to define the properties of the material:

IDR : Index of refraction
Roughness: Roughness of the surface finish

Blender Demo Reel 2013

Since 2006 Blender has a significant presence in the SIGGRAPH Animation Festival.

From the pages of edition we report SIGGRAPH 2013 and leave us this video memorial that allows, as usual, dream about the possibilities of this animation software.

Emission RGB [ Wallpaper ] [ Blender ]

Nueva imagen to be used as fondo de escritorio ( Wallpaper) with minimalist geometric patterns, that has been generated in Blender with Cycles render engine. Diffuse materials have been used (Difusse) for different surfaces, and other emissive character for RGB color areas.

A geometric composition with basic colors can observe the behavior of light when mixed (aditivamente) on the surfaces of the scene


An image generated in Blender with Cycles render engine, the predominant material “Glossy SDF” can play highly reflective surfaces.
A geometric composition with basic colors can observe the behavior of light when mixed (aditivamente) on the surfaces of the scene.

Formula 1 Sakhir, Baréin [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

The Sakhir circuit, since 2004, became the first circuit in the Middle East to participate in the world of formula 1.
A circuit involved in controversial political issues inside this small Persian Gulf state, which suspended the publication of 2011.
A path in which Fernando Alonso is the driver who has won more times (2005, 2006, 2010).

Formula 1 Shanghai, China [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

The third race of the season 2013-2014 formula 1, F1, Racing in the Shanghai Chinese circuit.

This circuit, involved in this category of vehicles since 2004, serve to see the new enhancements that provide the teams in their continuing effort to fight against the timers technologically.
Fans of the sport will enjoy again one of the best grills out of history.