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Basic materials in Blender

For an image synthesis must add objects, lights and cameras to the scene. The representation of these objects depend on the scene illumination, the camera parameters and the visual properties of these objects that basically know as your “color” or “material”. We can say that the appearance of an object… (leer más)

Cycles Demoreel 2015

Cycles is one of the engines of render boasts the Blender animation suite. It is based on models of raytracing supporting an interactive render added that a management system using graphical nodes and acceleration using GPU.
Do you want to see what can be done with this rendering engine?

Usar una imagen como textura en un plano [ Blender ]

Los objetos que componen una escena de animación se obtienen a partir de superficies que determinan la forma y tienen asociado uno o varios materiales que determinan su aspecto.

El material determinará el color, brightness, rugosidad etc…

Para definir el material podemos utilizar imágenes que actuarán como una piel de nuestros objetos. En esta introducción aprenderemos a situar una imagen sobre un plano, a modo de fotografía.

3, 2, 1 … [ Blender ] [ School ]

After the introductory course to Blender animation synthesis we have done in the first quarter, of a 25 hours, my students begin to finish their coursework.
Some of these works, addition to the technical quality of their models and animations, have an issue that we were pleasantly surprised by its plasticity and good work.
Alberto García Alcázar has made this video entirely with Blender, editing it with sound effects that help to strengthen each of the scenes.

From rendering to video editing

Once generated models that form the scene in an image sequence synthesis, different stages are working to get the final result in video form.

The calculation process of each of the images of the sequence, rendering, can be performed with various more or less costly techniques calculation time.

Cycles : Shaders : Variables Glass [ Blender ]

Among the "shaders" that incorporates "Cycles" in Blender have one especially suited to simulate glass and crystals, and other transparent surfaces: “Glass”.

The crystal is a medium that allows the passage of light (translucent) modifying its trajectory. It also reflects the light creating high gloss specular effects.
This shader has two basic variables to define the properties of the material:

IDR : Index of refraction
Roughness: Roughness of the surface finish

Shaders [ Example ][ Blender ]

Programming methods to image synthesis is associated with the term “Shader”.

A shader is essentially a piece of code that, from geometry and environmental conditions (light, materials, textures …) creates images that can be photorealistic or non-photorealistic (NPR).

Freestyle y Toon [ Blender ] [ Wallpaper ]

The new method of calculating silhouettes in Blender, in conjunction with the shader “Toon” allows a “look” very much like to have originated in cartoons normally.
The possibilities opened accordingly to this modeling and animation software in the near future, we suggest a departure from traditional animation with the incorporation of these techniques, also, can generate stereography.

El Salto, Felix Wormgartner [ School ][ Blender ]

The work of Blender course this year are breaking all records of … ¿High?

We have seen the flight of the Saturn V and now …

Hoy quiero share todos con otro de los mejores trabajos, realizado by a team of four trans alumnos 7 classes of animation with Blender and two or three otras rendering imágenes.

Physics : Dynamic paint : Introduction [ Blender ]

dynamic paint

“Dynamic paint” is a feature introduced in Blender since version 2.61. Lets use an object as canvas (“Canvas”) and another as brush (“Brush”) and dynamically, through contact with the painting brush, “paint” textures that can be used as weight maps for different purposes.

These maps can be used to simulate dusty areas we can clean, grass fields we can cut (by the). condensation on windows in which to fingerpaint etc..

Night : Earth Animated GIF


NASA often surprise us with their beautiful images of Earth and other celestial bodies. This time it is not an image directly obtained by one of several cameras that orbit our planet, but have made an interesting image compose any number of photographs of different areas at night.

An image can only imagine a world lit by artificial lights night.
With this image, applied as a texture on a sphere in Blender, has made a small animation of planet Earth Evening Dress, in animated GIF format.