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Graphic PIZiadas

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From rendering to video editing

Once generated models that form the scene in an image sequence synthesis, different stages are working to get the final result in video form.

The calculation process of each of the images of the sequence, rendering, can be performed with various more or less costly techniques calculation time.

FreeStyle Blender F1 : NPR : Non-Photorealistic Rendering

The latest revision of Blender, to be licensed soon, includes rendering mode called “FreeStyle” with which we can obtain new representations of 3D scenes.
FreeStyle is part of the so-called NPR or Non-Photorealistic Rendering. They are rendering modes that deviate from the visual realism, incorporating techniques developed from the models we have known thanks to the comics.

Example antialiasing y en Blender

When we generate synthetic images and these have “defects” calling attention visible degrading the level of realism or say image perfection that have occurred “artifacts”.

Among the most basic devices are the so-called “Aliasing” that produce a feeling sawtooth on straight lines, due to the discrete character of the images.

What is Raytracing? Introduction to image synthesis.

To create photorealistic images using different programming techniques, being “Raytracing” or “raytracing” one of the most interesting offering.

In this paper we introduce concepts necessary to understand how to generate one of these images, while this technique is presented by a sequence of “intermediate photos” that explain in detail the properties of synthetic lighting models.