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Graphic PIZiadas

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Usar una imagen como textura en un plano [ Blender ]

Los objetos que componen una escena de animación se obtienen a partir de superficies que determinan la forma y tienen asociado uno o varios materiales que determinan su aspecto.

El material determinará el color, brightness, rugosidad etc…

Para definir el material podemos utilizar imágenes que actuarán como una piel de nuestros objetos. En esta introducción aprenderemos a situar una imagen sobre un plano, a modo de fotografía.

Calavera de Halloween 2014 [ Wallpaper ]

Next to the feast of all saints, or the night before halloween, we surround ourselves with new ideas for decorating this holiday. El ordenador es un espacio más.

Los fondos de escritorio se redecoran estos días con diferentes iconografías que no dejan de sorprendernos por su macabro aspecto.

No podemos faltar a la cita desde este espacio gráfico, en el que cada año nos imponemos la tarea de aportar algo en formato de imagen a cada una de las citas periódicas que se acercan. Este curso volvemos al clásico recurso de los esqueletos con esta calavera.

Butterfly [ Blender ] [ Wallpaper ]

A new exercise for our basic modeling classes Blender.

In this case performing a scene is proposed with a butterfly and grass, that can serve to editing a plane to form the wings, applying a texture map to assign colors using a particle system to complete the stage.


A number with a strong symbolic that we associate with Nelson Mandela. The origin lies in how to assign identification to prisoners on Robben Island.

Mandela was prisoner number 466 year 1964, pins numbered so this was formed by adding the number of prison the last two digits of the year in which he entered this prison.

Madrid is a dump [ Blender ][ Imagen ]

We sometimes use this space for social use image that does not lose its educational.

The images we make to our teaching role, as examples, may contain current information.
In this case, the reason that has led to build the image with Blender has been the rubbish collection strike in the capital of Spain, Madrid.

Skull [ Halloween ][ Wallpaper ][ II ]


From skull model obtained in the model repository for Blender 3D, we have made a new wallpaper playing with the background color and lighting, reinforcing the contour lines with colors based on red, given special meaning in Halloween night.
You can install the image as wallpaper on your computer, to decorate at this time.

Halloween Ghost [ Wallpaper ]

Like every year, night 31 October we celebrated a party with a unique iconography called terrifying “Halloween night”; also can call “Halloween” or “Night of the Dead”,.

The decoration of these days often take dark dye, people dress up and develop numerous themed parties. Alongside ghosts costumes, vampires, zombies etc., very often carve figures on pumpkins, illuminating from the inside to create unique shadows.

Projection mapping live performance art – The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk

A new application techniques “Projection mapping” in an interesting artistic experience.
The timing of the movement of the mime with a screening permit its use in a live performance of singular beauty.
One technique that is maturing and finding new sources of inspiration.

Graphene [Wallpaper]

One of the most important scientists who have throughout this century is the development of new materials with properties that enable innovative application to devices.

Graphene is postulated as one of the most interesting electronic applications that begin to take shape in many laboratories.