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GIF animado 3D

An animated GIF file is constructed from a sequence of images that show then sequentially.

You can generate an animated GIF file that produces the sensation of depth, Podremos realize that without 3D glasses, by an optical effect or optical illusion, deceiving the senses; These files are constructed by superimposing two vertical bands on the sides of the image.

Rocket [ #Animated GIF ]

A new year animated sequence as, modeled and animated with Blender and edited with GIMP to generate the file in gif animated.

The set is a rocket based on preliminary designs ARIANE 6; in this picture we can sense the movement of the rocket moving in reverse environmental elements (in this case a pair of clouds).

How to make an animated gif with GIMP?


One of the best-known image formats is the “GIF”. This format stores information of an image of any size without loss of information in a very efficient compressed format.
One possibility is supported by “package” multiple images in the file that can be presented sequentially generating a simple animation loop.

White smoke [ Animated GIF ]

We're waiting. Again the process of electing a new pope captures the attention of Christians and non-Christians.

Everything is ready for that moment of joy in a simple smoky chimney announces the agreement of the heads that have this mission: Choosing the spiritual leader of more than 2000 million faithful.

While, until we have the “fumata blanca”, see an animated gif created with Blender remember that we lived this moment Hemos.

Night : Earth Animated GIF


NASA often surprise us with their beautiful images of Earth and other celestial bodies. This time it is not an image directly obtained by one of several cameras that orbit our planet, but have made an interesting image compose any number of photographs of different areas at night.

An image can only imagine a world lit by artificial lights night.
With this image, applied as a texture on a sphere in Blender, has made a small animation of planet Earth Evening Dress, in animated GIF format.

Lattice effect animation


A latex, one Blender, is a tool used to model objects using deformations. Edit the object is adapted to the grid or lattice forming the grid.

Associate an object to this utility so that if we change the shape of the lattice, it will act on the object.

The advantage of using a lattice is to modify a lower number of points, that act on a more detailed mesh.

New mapping of Io ( Jupiter )

luna io en 3D

A group of scientists led by Arizona State University (U.S.) has created the first geological map of the entire surface of the moon Io.

The satellite of Jupiter discovered by Galileo in January 1610, and have had to spend 400 years to be mapped with great accuracy and detail its relief and its more than 400 volcanoes. (Animated Gif)

Snowman. Animated Gif 150 x 150


Una imagen navideña en formato de gif animado en baja resolución que puede servir para adornar uno de los rincones de nuestro blog estas navidades.
La imagen se ha generado con Blender a partir de un sencillo modelo de esferas con una imagen de fondo real. Added a particle system to simulate halo effect snow, at which the gravity is reduced to fall more slowly.

Make an animated GIF from an AVI


Existen muchos paquetes de software que permiten realizar la conversión de formatos de ficheros de imagen. Sin embargo, sometimes, no es necesario un gran despliegue de medios para realizar determinadas tareas, ya que algunas aplicaciones tienen funciones que sin ser diseñadas para un determinado fin, lo permiten de una forma bastante eficiente.

Este es el caso del software gratuito “Sqirtz Morph” que permite realizar un morphing entre dos imágenes. Entre las funciones que incorpora está la posibilidad de realizar un morphing entre dos vídeos en formato AVI.