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Morphing images with Blender

In my regular visits BlenderNation find new techniques developed for Blender tasks that initially has been designed.
In this case, Francois hand "CoyHot" Grassard have this interesting sequence in which, by a screenshot fast motion, shows us how to make a morphing between two pictures using only Blender.

3D Animation, Key Framing: Create keys so [ Blender ]


La animación mediante claves de forma permite definir estados de deformación de una superficie para interpolar valores entre ellos y calcular transiciones controladas.
Vamos a aplicar esta técnica de morphing entre dos estados para hacer una animación simple: el parpadeo de los ojos de Andy (mascota of Android). El modelo que vamos a utilizar está disponible para su descarga en formato Blend aquí: Andy Blender Model.



FotoMorph is a free application that allows imaging morphs easily and intuitively. Allows elementary or composite morphs (multiple) with an interface that is between an image editing application and the characteristic of nonlinear video editing. FotoMorph tiene funcionalidad para otras deformaciones… (leer más)

Morphing: @ Cucodevenegas is Daffy Duck [FotoMorph]

Today ostraigo a new morphing between a Twitter avatar and a popular cartoon character: Daffy Duck. @ Cucodevenegas is “taken” Twitter user who has fallen into my trap, a malevolent mind that distorts the user profiles by developers morphs that show its deepest essence, yes, con #wenrolling… (leer más)

@ Oscarcillo and new glasses [Morphing]

It relaxes me make small morphings; is an entertainment as healthy as building bridges with chopsticks, hacer figuras con papel o pintar un cuadro Normalmente uso Squirlz Morph para estos entretenimientos (tienes un tutorial de Squirlz Morph en el blog) aunque hay herramientas de software más complejas y con muchas más posibilidades de control de la… (leer más)

Morphing : @ Lavozdeunagata [ Sqirlz Morph ]

A morphing with a new avatar of Twitter. Pau (lavozdeunagata) with a kitten of the family I met last summer. Pau's blog is full of images of funny cats purring nonstop, colorfully and a nice realization. @lavozdeunagata Soy el reflejo de mis deseos, intense and passionate, woman day,… (leer más)

Morphing : Barca Vs Real Madrid [ Sqirlz Morph ]

Escudo barsa real madrid fundidos

One of them encuentros football more raises passions are classic among them he teams with more trophies in Spain: Barcelona (Barca) and Real Madrid. We could not miss in the social criticism in this blog, an image that reflected the clash of the titans. A morphing for the undecided, a nod to the… (leer más)

Manuel de Falla

Manuel de Falla y Matheu (Cadiz, España, 23 November 1876 – Alta Gracia, Argentina, 14 November 1946) it was a Spanish nationalist composer. With Isaac Albéniz and Enrique Granados, is one of the most important musicians of the first half of the twentieth century in Spain. (in) Hoy hemos amanecido con una nueva… (leer más)

Morphing : @ Pilarz [ Sqirlz Morph ]

A new morphing with avatars of tweet; in this case Pilarz and Photography pages where we can see their point of view towards life. Three types of pages to three ways of understanding the camera; from white and black to a deep and bright color, pasando por los efectos… (leer más)

Morphing : @ Pequenayuffie Vs @ eva_rodri [ Sqirlz Morph ]

@pequenayuffie Vs @eva_rodri Periodista gallega, now in Barcelona!Interested in Social Media and Web 2.0. Always chasing today! Journalist Iberestudios. Master Cabinets and PR. News on Jobs, Education and Technology. Living in Barcelona, but always Galician! Iberestudios

Morphing : @ Trianarts [ Sqirlz Morph ]

Después de ver la serie de avatares que ha usado @Trianarts durante las últimas semanas, partiendo de las más antiguas hasta llegar a las actuales, I thought it was a nice chaining “morphing”. Ideally, all had the same background, color and viewing angle, e incluso que algunos aspectos como el peinado… (leer más)