Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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@ Oscarcillo and new glasses [Morphing]

oscarcilloIt relaxes me make small morphings; is an entertainment as healthy as building bridges with chopsticks, make figures with paper or paint a picture

Morph Squirlz usually use for these entertainments (have a Morph tutorial Squirlz on the blog) although software tools are complex and control many more possibilities of transformation.


A few days ago @ oscarcillo, nick of twitter to Oscar Velázquez, changed his glasses and left in their blog some photographs.

I allowed “kidnap” to make a transition that I leave then, a nod to this compañero of Time Line on Twitter.



Although seen the result, the joke is little reason resultona Will? Will the technique? I wont deform some of the images and make a new morphing. In this case change my tool to elaborate further the transformation. Usare FotoMorph. Now the curious result if, but perhaps the owner of the “face” not think so.

oscarcillo morph

What do you like more glasses?

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