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Behind The Lapse: Part 1 [ Timelapse ]

“Behind The Lapse” is a series of shorts in which the author, el fotógrafo Michael Shainblum, reveals part of the technique necessary for the realization of these spectacular shows in which the dimension “time” allowing accelerates or decelerates “see” new dimensions of the everyday.
Behind of Lapse is a timelapse within another timelapse. A successful outreach exercise makes us love, all the more, this wonderful art.

Feel the pulse of traffic, look at the sea of ​​clouds and the waves of steam, includes the motion of the sky …. vive el timelapse!

The Sandpit [ Timelapse ]

Not infrequently do Web searches with the term “Time-lapse” or some variant.

I like to see the phenomena of nature with different time scales. You can see events or patterns of behavior that are always amazed at the unexpected, by offshoring that produce. A sea of ​​clouds behaving like a tide, a vegetable moving like a reptile …

Night Flight [ Timelapse ]

Visualization techniques known as accelerated image “Timelapse” give us a different view of natural phenomena, well as those that are analyzed over a period.

The behavior of an airport, illuminated at night, is a show if you look this particular prism.

The cadence of landing and takeoff of aircraft is enhanced imaging techniques that make this video a masterpiece of the genre, especially for aviation enthusiasts.

The light of the sunset [Imagen] [Wallpaper]


We have seen how the sunset light, with sunset, appear reddish by diffusion in the atmosphere.

The different frequencies of light, within the visible spectrum, undergo variations in its trajectory to collide with the suspended particles in the atmosphere are. This effect in computer animation is included in the concept of participating media.

Vs Iris Diaphragm in photography


The human eye is capable of modifying its geometry to suit the lighting conditions. The iris is responsible for limiting the amount of light reaching our retina.

In photography there is a mechanical device called the diaphragm that functions iris. By combining the speed diaphragm shutter opening, obtain a depth of field.

Lytro cameras : A new concept in photography : Field lighting


While camera manufacturers engaged in war walk of the pixels, How many pixels will the next models?, otras compañias empiezan a revolucionar el mundo de la fotografía con un nuevo concepto de captura de imagen. Classically, al realizar una instantánea, la imagen se proyecta sobre un plano de proyección que se situa… (leer más)

Android dreams [ Time lapse movie ]


SAMUEL COCKEDEY es un fotógrafo francés y video artista afincado en Tokyo. El éxito de su tu trabajo se basa en una adecuada elección de escenarios y movimientos de cámara, junto a la inestimable ayuda de singulares condiciones atmosféricas.

El trabajo que se puede ver en esta página (Time lapse) ha sido realizado con una cámara Canon 5dmk2 principalmente en el área de Shinjuku, siendo un rendido homenaje a Ridley Scott y Vangelis
Shot roughly over a year in Tokyo with a Canon 5dmk2, mainly in the Shinjuku area.

Sailboat [Imagen]


A relaxing image of a sailboat with a horizon in the background, in blue tones, Transmitting peace and tranquility. The word usually refers to a sailboat sailboat, namely, que avanza mediante la acción del viento sobre las velas.(W) The image is in wallpaper format for use as desktop background… (leer más)