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Quadrotor and tesla coils

A “Faraday cage” serves as protection for a quadrotor that Vuela between the tesla coils, siendo visually stunning them electric shocks occurring.
El Ingenio flying, junto protection to su, resist them seamless downloads, the discharge can be observed as it receives the cage moves down.
A video that reveals striking aspects of science very striking.

Helo TC , Indoor helicopter

Mini remote control helicopter controlled from the mobile. An educational toy for aeronautical engineers.
Landed in my hands this curious “toy” you can govern from a device “Android”. Prove their performances and discuss later, although the first impression is that it can be a great training tool.

Flying like a bird : Human Birdwings


Does Icarus dream come true?
Jarno Smeets has managed to get off the ground, with self-made wings, flying about 100 meters in a park in The Hague 18 March 2012.
Wings system used has a device for multiplying the power generated by arms, getting an upward thrust that cherishes the dream of his life: fly with wings.

Indoor Flying Robots [ MIT ]


A crash course in it that muestran basics of the physical Gobierno he Movimiento de los Quadrotors. A training video for them enamorados of the aeronautical, it original MIT, in which the basic cycle of operation is enhanced for human or automatic control of these novel flying machines: Note, Control,… (leer más)

SmartInversion : Kaleidocycle flying robot


SmartInversion es un ingenio, Festo company, able to pull in the air due to a movement called inversion in which a band formed by articulated light polyhedra, helium-filled, rotate about themselves. This constant movement, rhythmical button, is the one that gives the drive in the middle.

Robots Quadrotors interpretando the theme of James Bond (TED)


A “Quadrotor” is a helicopter rotor has four vertical axis. This type of ingenuity in small sizes have a very interesting dynamic behavior or allowing them to perform spectacular acrobatic performances due to its low inertia. La utilización del quadrotor para construir pequeños robots que interaccionen cooperativamente es una idea en un… (leer más)

“Night Ballet” EAA AirVenture night air show [ Timelapse ]


AirVenture is a community of aviation enthusiasts every year organizes a major aviation events in the world, which gather 500.000 people over 60 countries. The air show held at night is one of the most spectacular of its kind. Filmado el… (leer más)

Jetpack commercial applications


Los medios de transporte aeronáuticos unipersonales pueden llegar a ser tan ligeros y versátiles como el prototipo en desarrollo denominado Jetpack. Two gasoline engines used to power two propellers able to allow takeoff, displacement and landing of an individual or team. Una propuesta de diseño innovador que puede evolucionar hacia un… (leer más)

Projections and navigation [School]


The specialty of Air Navigation, denominada “Aeronavigation”, the teachings of a specialized aeronautical engineering make use of geometry for making charts.

Students who have made this work are sensitive to it and therefore highlight one of the applications of the teachings they have received.