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Graphic PIZiadas

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SmartInversion : Kaleidocycle flying robot

smartinversionSmartInversion es un ingenio, Festo company, able to pull in the air thanks to a movement called investment in a web of polyhedra (tetrahedra) Articulated Light, helium-filled, rotate about themselves. This constant movement, rhythmical button, is the one that gives the drive in the middle.

In this video is you can see this novel concept in an interesting animation didactic, while in the second have a “demo” Real Flight.

SmartInversion is a helium-filled flying object that moves through the air by turning inside-out. This constant, rhythmically pulsating movement is known as inversion and gives the flight model its name. With the intelligent combination of extreme lightweight construction, electric drive units and control and regulation technology, inversion kinematics can be indefinitely maintained to produce motion through the air.

A “Kaleidocycle” flying?


SmartInversion web de FeI am
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