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New issue of the magazine #CharlieHebdo

A new issue of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo (#CharlieHebdo) with an initial three million copies circulation is the editorial response to the attack suffered in its drafting.

The magazine will be translated to 16 languages to be sold in 25 countries, multiplying by 50 its usual Chuck.

A tie against intolerance

My particular interpretation of the tie against intolerance, as a result of the recent attacks against the weekly Charlie Hebdo in our neighbour France.

The Grito “Je Suis Charlie” showing our support for freedom of expression, the world is manifested in France against intolerance.

Today we are all in the streets of Paris.

Attack on #CharlieHebdo

JE SUIS CHARLIE cartoonists the world in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo Atentado against Charlie Hebdo (W) Twelve killed in an attack in Paris ' Charlie Hebdo' magazine (The Country) The covers that caused controversy in the French weekly Charlie Hebdo (The third) Charlie Hebdo: Gun attack on French magazine kills 12 (BBC) The three terrorists were identified… (leer más)

2015 the year we can @ahorapodemos

One of the most important social phenomena of this year has been the creation, and rise, a new political party that has attracted the support of an important social mass, fed up with the way conventional party politics: We can

EBUZZING LABS : Top Blogs – Education – Agosto 2014

Después de un largo mes de vacaciones volvemos a retomar poco a poco la actividad del blog.

En este caso para mostrar mi satisfacción al ver los enlaces de acceso en estos últimos días y comprobar, en uno de ellos, una agradable sorpresa:

En la clasificación de “Ebuzzing”, en particular la correspondiente a Méjico, el blog aparece en la categoría de “Education” en segunda posición.
La verdad es que su orientación es la que demandan mis alumnos, y por generalización, puede ser usado por otros que quieran aprender sobre diversos temas en los que la imagen sea el centro de los mismos: Geometría, Video,Animation, análisis de formas, digital edition … son temas recurrentes de este espacio de comunicación, en el que además se entremezclan mis propios intereses.

Christmas Neuron

We all have a dressed Christmas neuron, we took a walk at this time. A neuron that empathizes with the weakest, disadvantaged, needs sufferers.

Today my Christmas sack to walk neuron as every year. We will put colored lights and tinsel in corners. Dandy up tables and will congratulate friends and strangers. Today it be nice to everyone, live harmoniously in these moments of love and happiness.


A number with a strong symbolic that we associate with Nelson Mandela. The origin lies in how to assign identification to prisoners on Robben Island.

Mandela was prisoner number 466 year 1964, pins numbered so this was formed by adding the number of prison the last two digits of the year in which he entered this prison.

In memoriam : Nelson Mandela

Who was the first black president of South Africa who fought much of his life against the racist regime of apartheid, has left us with 95 age.

Today we honor the man who dedicated his whole life to the struggle, peaceful, against the injustice suffered a town dominated by a minority and subjected to all kinds of humiliation and low caste.
Today we salute the humanist who simply knew reconcile both peoples in one bound, no hard feelings but without losing the memory of its recent history. One of the most important processes of peace we've seen in our modern world. A great example.

Formula 1 España, Montmelo [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

The Grand Prix of Spain 2013 is the fifth round of the World Formula 1. The Catalan circuit of Montmelo, also called Circuit de Catalunya or Barcelona, hosts this top flight career.

Fernando Alonso, who started in fifth position on the grid, is the winner of this edition.

Circuit 4,627 kilometers Alonso has had a winner in the year 2006. Congratulations Champion !

Formula 1 Sakhir, Baréin [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

The Sakhir circuit, since 2004, became the first circuit in the Middle East to participate in the world of formula 1.
A circuit involved in controversial political issues inside this small Persian Gulf state, which suspended the publication of 2011.
A path in which Fernando Alonso is the driver who has won more times (2005, 2006, 2010).

Formula 1 Shanghai, China [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

The third race of the season 2013-2014 formula 1, F1, Racing in the Shanghai Chinese circuit.

This circuit, involved in this category of vehicles since 2004, serve to see the new enhancements that provide the teams in their continuing effort to fight against the timers technologically.
Fans of the sport will enjoy again one of the best grills out of history.