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Attack on #CharlieHebdo

JE SUIS CHARLIE cartoonists the world in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo Atentado against Charlie Hebdo (W) Twelve killed in an attack in Paris ' Charlie Hebdo' magazine (The Country) The covers that caused controversy in the French weekly Charlie Hebdo (The third) Charlie Hebdo: Gun attack on French magazine kills 12 (BBC) The three terrorists were identified… (leer más)

In memoriam : Nelson Mandela

Who was the first black president of South Africa who fought much of his life against the racist regime of apartheid, has left us with 95 age.

Today we honor the man who dedicated his whole life to the struggle, peaceful, against the injustice suffered a town dominated by a minority and subjected to all kinds of humiliation and low caste.
Today we salute the humanist who simply knew reconcile both peoples in one bound, no hard feelings but without losing the memory of its recent history. One of the most important processes of peace we've seen in our modern world. A great example.

Widget regional elections 2012. Galicia and the Basque Country


The newspaper El Pais offers a Widget regional elections to follow our blog.

The widget is inserted by a script with HTML code and lets you interact on a graph to display the results in real time, contrasting with previous elections.

This widget has been installed on this page from which you can follow so the scrutiny.

25S Paint and color

Scrambled Days, protest, defense of fundamental rights, reasonable claims, of collective suffering.

Days on which society is estranged from their representatives, where we do not feel represented by those who should defend these rights.

Santiago Carrillo Solares [ Mosaic ] [ Imagen ]

Santiago Carrillo

Mosaic photo D. Jose Santiago Carrillo Solares, highly relevant Spanish politician who was instrumental in the transition to democracy.

Gijón, 18 January 1915 – Madrid, 18 September 2012

The images that make up the mosaic were obtained with Google image search and belong to their authors. The mosaic has been made with the software MacOSaiX.

In Memoriam: Neil Armstrong


The 20 July 1969, aboard the Apollo Lunar Module 11, a man on the moon for the first time. Astronaut Neil Armstrong was the historical reference of a generation that has lived the beginning of the conquest of space.

Neil Armstrong falleció ayer con 82 age, I do not ohio (USA). He could not overcome the complications of surgery where he underwent a bypass.

Scraps on cuts


A social input. Scraps of published images in different media about welfare cuts our country. Scraps showing the anger and pain of a country. The images are accompanied by original texts. Yo no soy como usted El debate entre los candidatos a la presidencia del Gobierno registró una audiencia media… (leer más)

Players of the Spanish

Spanish Selection 2012

Spain faces the final of the UEFA EURO 2012 in the Kiev Olympic defending the title against Italy, with the intention of getting go down in history as the only team able to get the treble in four years (European championship 2008, World Championship 2010 and the current).

23 top level sports players can get the dream of a country in one of the biggest shows in the world: football.

3D Reconstruction of Flight 1549 de US Airways: Splashdown in the Hudson River


The Flight 1549 U.S. Airways has gone down in history for having amerizado aviation in the Hudson River without loss of life. A flock of birds fire their engines a few minutes after takeoff, in rapid ascent of the apparatus.

The skill of the pilot can be seen in this 3D reconstruction to which have been added the original audio channels.