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Graphic PIZiadas

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The first animated films : Humorous Phase of Funny Faces.

The technique known “Stop motion” yielded the first animations of history. A set of images taken one by one with great effort and hard work were the precursors of the complex current productions, in which the computer calculations have replaced human expertise in conducting elaborate drawings.

With a lower degree of processing models “Disney”, but with much ingenuity, we found this unique and historical work that we know as general culture medium. The first animation history conducted drawing on a blackboard by J. Stuart Blackton in 1906.

The Secret Code [ Book ]

There are books and books. Some serve mainly to balance a wobbly table, while, others, never cease to fascinate.
The geometry as ancient science is reflected in all aspects surrounding the history of the human. Her knowledge has allowed the development of painting, architecture, interpreting nature …
In particular the segment aureus, the so-called divine proportion or golden rule of geometry, systematically appears in all geometric models to be a basic theme of the training of our current engineers.

Blogs Documentaries: Stories of History

A blog that brings us the story with a narrative that creates interest. A window into the past in a varied and attractive selection of stories who discover new perspectives of our ancestors, presented in an attractive way. Un blog para descansar de lo cotidiano y sumergirse en épocas que han marcado nuestro presente. A… (leer más)