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Applying the Pythagorean Theorem: Equation of the circle

One of the first applications that can be found in the Pythagorean theorem, is its use in determining the equation of a circle.

Metric relationship between the two legs of a right triangle are essentially the expression of the concept of Euclidean measure.

The points of a circle are equidistant from the center of the (O).

A circle is the locus of points in a plane equidistant from a fixed point and coplanar another call center in a constant amount called radio.(W)

The Secret Code [ Book ]

There are books and books. Some serve mainly to balance a wobbly table, while, others, never cease to fascinate.
The geometry as ancient science is reflected in all aspects surrounding the history of the human. Her knowledge has allowed the development of painting, architecture, interpreting nature …
In particular the segment aureus, the so-called divine proportion or golden rule of geometry, systematically appears in all geometric models to be a basic theme of the training of our current engineers.

Mathematical Games [ School ] [ Experimental Blogs ]


Among the items that have posted my students are some who, if not represent exactly the model we have studied geometry, develop the intellect, curiosity and desire to learn.

No less interesting his playful orientation as a means of approach to knowledge, and above all makes us think about other ways to approach them exploiting its foci of interest.

El libro de las matemáticas

The subject of Mathematics has always been controversial for students. There has not been a unified position in their assessment, being simple and attractive to some and hated and complex for others. Mathematics from an abstract point of view are beautiful to more abstract minds. His perfection, su orden… (leer más)

Mathematical transformations visually interpreted

The complexity of the equations vanishes when we are able to visualize their meaning. The Moebius transformation that defines investment by simple design concept between a plane and a sphere gives way to new conceptions of space. A selection of videos to admire a wonderful romance between mathematics and geometry…. (leer más)