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How to create a 3D PDF for documentation and education

Current technology allows us to generate documents with rich content. In this case we will see how you can incorporate a 3D model to a document format “PDF”, retaining the three-dimensional model information, allowing us to change your display interactively.

Geometría proyectiva: Dynamic construction of a Tetrad of points [Geogebra]

Application “Geogebra” It allows you to develop dynamic constructions in which we can modify the position of the elements forming it, keeping the geometric constraints of these figures, allowing the invariants of the same show. This tool can be a valuable aid for students.

Professor Juan Alonso Alriols collaborated in the introduction of this tool in the teachings of “Graphic Expression” at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, providing examples of high interest. You can see an example of his work in the “Dynamic construction of double reason for four points” accompanying this entry, that has added a driver text for use in our classes.

Bet geometric [ School ]

Retrieving some items from my students, that might disappear when deleting their blogs from the experience of educational innovation, I've seen this group Protagoras linking pi polygons and playfulness in a very successful.

The educational approach in the form of competition is a valuable resource that does not have to lose the rigorous training approaches. On the contrary, knowledge to explore critically and entertaining couple. This group of students has been successful in its approach, already quoted at the time.

Chicle geometry [ School ]

One of the first articles I wrote my students in the group “Geometry Hicks” was about the most basic aspects of geometry: Topology. To them I was curious to the concept and, inadvertently, were deepening in the main aspects of an axiomatic logical system geometric: continuity.

We began the experience of introducing educational innovation blogs as tool for energizing the group and we were with this pearl. I never fail to learn from them.

Zaha Hadid y el deconstructivism


Zaha Hadid is an architect, contemporary designer and developer who designs innovative shapes evoking fantasy worlds brimming future.

In the website of Zaha Hadid can see an impressive display of his ideation, that moves at the limits of deconstruction. Sinuous curves that convey a different organic feeling in these disciplines.

Simon Pierro and the magic of iPad

Simon Pierro

Simon Pierro represents a new generation of artists “performance”. It is famous for its innovative way to show the illusion in television and multimedia projects using new technologies, in particular an iPad. It has numerous prestigious awards, including in 2.002 Magician of the Year, in 2003 Vice World Champion of Magic… (leer más)

Educate playing with impossible figures


Impossible figures can be real simple objects that produce optical illusions obtained by proper perspective.

Use from the educational point of view can be justified in requiring a detailed analysis for understanding.

They can also be approached as a challenge for the student who can compete with others in an educational game object identification. Do not forget that play activities encourage interest in the learning process, entertain and arouse curiosity for the study of new cases: Learning enjoying.

Oxygen [ Animation ] [ Education ]


An interesting animation work, del Ringling College of Art + Design, which can be seen teaching uses image synthesis for education.
In this case a friendly oxygen atom pair is not easily due to its properties when combined with other elements is encouraged.
A fun way to learn and memorize complex aspects of chemical, developed with great imagination.

Pieces animated spatial vision training

piece of technical drawing

Classically, to train our students in spatial vision, static images were used to represent volumes Mechanical.

The technology to create learning environments in which you can add motion to the representations, viewing closer to that obtained with a real object.

Figure impossible [ Imagen ] [ wallpaper ]

Figure impossible

The so-called impossible figures can be a pleasant pastime in the study of geometry.
Its construction using a modeling tool such as Blender, is an interesting exercise in application of the concepts studied in the prospects.

Debetener What form and what point of view is to be used to create the misleading appearance? An optical illusion can fool our senses.