Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Figure impossible [ Imagen ] [ wallpaper ]

figura imposible
The so-called impossible figures can be a pleasant pastime in the study of geometry.
Its construction using a modeling tool such as Blender, is an interesting exercise in application of the concepts studied in the prospects.

Debetener What form and what point of view is to be used to create the misleading appearance? An optical illusion can fool our senses.

Optical illusion is any delusion the sense the view, Which brings us to perceive reality erroneously. These may be psychological effects associated with excessive stimulation of the eyes or the brain (brightness, color, movement, etc as the glare after seeing a light powerful) or cognitive intervening in our knowledge of the world (as the Rubin vase in which we perceive two faces or a vase indistinctly). Cognitive illusions are usually divided into ambiguous illusions, distortion illusions, paradoxical illusions and delusions fictitious (hallucinations).(W)

A fun game that is also very educational.

The image format is 1280 Wallpaper×1024 to be used as fondo de escritorio (large image click on the mouse)

figura imposible

Figure impossible

Maybe you can try to build the proposed model?