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V-Ray VFX Demo Reel 2010


In computer animation classes usually display works by different authors performed both ancient and modern synthesis imaging technologies.

The training process involves understanding the evolution of techniques and working methods and to measure the difficulty of their use and potential use scenarios.

Among the most important graphics engines for the production of synthetic images is V-Ray. In the following video we see some interesting work done with this tool.

LuxRender 1.0 : Nuevo motor de renderizado basado en la física de la luz

Logo LuxRender

LuxRender is a rendering engine based on the physical properties of light.

Has recently been made available to end users a new stable version, labeled 1.0, available on Windows platforms, Mac the Lynux.

LuxRender can generate realistic images, as we can see by visiting his gallery

Qué es el “Scattering” en imagen de síntesis ?


Cuando realizamos imagen de síntesis podemos perseguir que las imágenes parezcan reales o se asemejen a los clásicos dibujos animados (Cartoon). En el primer caso, simular el comportamiento de la luz obliga a usar elaboradas técnicas de renderizado y a elegir los materiales de nuestros objetos con sumo detalle.
Uno de los efectos que podemos simular es la desviación de la luz al atravesar superfícies semiopacas, como la piel de los personajes. Surfaces are allowed to spend a portion of light that illuminates the interior, but on his journey constantly changes direction upon impact with the molecules of the object. The technique that simulates this effect is called “Scattering”.

Final Battle [Students work][Blender]

A new job computer graphics students, made with Blender animation software and edited with MovieMaker. Miguel Ramos Garcia presents us with strong drama a crisis scenario in the form of trailer space. I feel like I have its premiere, míra el vídeo y ya me dirás si no te apetece… (leer más)

Orange or Lemon: New Avatar

@ Naranjaolimon

Today I saw a new avatar that caught my attention: @ Naranjaolimon. After different combinations, have left some interesting images based on the duality of citrus that gives us each morning. No las puedo poner todas, ésta es una de las más interesantes: Pero lo que si podemos es encapsularlas en… (leer más)

3D Animation, Lights: Lighting with Textures [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

Similarly to the textured object, light sources can change the color of the light they throw on the basis of the application of patterns textures. The method for allocating texture patterns to a light source does not differ from that used for an object, sin embargo su aplicación puede… (leer más)

3D Animation, Lights: Shades [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]

The lights and the shadows they cast on objects, are fundamental elements of an animation scene. Their use should be adjusted fineness since they are a source of a significant increase in computational complexity. Algunos sistemas limitan el número de puntos de iluminación ya que pueden llegar a saturar la capacidad de… (leer más)

Images RayTracing: Spheres with Raytracing [ rendered with Blender ]

Something light for the weekend, RayTracing an image of a scene consisting of spheres and planes, with a high level of recursion and transparency effects with the model “Fresnel”. An example of the beauty of the images you can get free software Blender. Other rendering engines as Yafray (that… (leer más)

3D Animation, Objects: Edit meshes [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

The editing in Blender allows, from the basic primitives (sphere, plane, cone…) generate complex surfaces recreate the objects we use in our animations.

The editing process is outlined in a reduced set of actions that are repeated until starting to approximate the surface to the object desired: