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Luz Spot con Halo [ Blender ]

One of the most complex to generate a synthetic image issues is to get the level and desired lighting effect, because it changes the colors and even alter the appearance of the forms on the scene.

The lighting effects that occur in environments with participating media (specks of dust, water droplets suspended. … ) under conditions of high light intensity at the focus or point of light, Blender can be simulated by using “Buffers” Shadows.

Projection mapping live performance art – The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk

A new application techniques “Projection mapping” in an interesting artistic experience.
The timing of the movement of the mime with a screening permit its use in a live performance of singular beauty.
One technique that is maturing and finding new sources of inspiration.

Encourage ambient lighting in Cycles [ Blender ]

An effect that can be interesting is to illuminate the sky changing shape to simulate a sunrise or a sunset on “time-lapse”.

Lighting variables, as well as other variables in Blender, son susceptibles de ser animadas mediante la técnica de Key frames.

Lights and Shadows : Lamps [ Cycles ]

Luz y sombras

Lighting in Cycles is one of the aspects that differ with respect to the classical shading based on raytracing or raycast.

Point lights, contributing harsh shadows reducing the realism of the images, have given way to a model that approximates the actual light comportmiento a much more measured.

With the new model, Any object can be emissive and therefore act as a source of illumination in the scene.

Cycles : Shaders : Glossy [ Blender ]


The lighting of a scene primarily used diffusion and reflection effects.

We have seen the basic shader using Cycles, called "diffuse", which is based on the model of Lambert or Oren-Nayar, based on the value that is used for the parameter "Roughness" ( 0 = Lambertian). This calculation model simulates the dispersion or diffusion of light on the material, but does not consider the effects of specular reflection that are associated with the model called “Glossy”.

Legacy Photographs

El cine y la televisión utilizan complejas técnicas para poder crear imágenes que sólo existen en la imaginación de sus creadores. La mezcla de escenas reales con objetos de síntesis es una de ellas, y presenta el reto de obtener una integración entre ambos mundos que sea realista a la par de creible. Recientemente se… (leer más)

Projection mapping sobre objetos


Although initially technique “Projection mapping” has been done on buildings, is applicable to any type of soporte.Como curious example, We can see this projection on a tennis shoe used to publicize the brand, although we can intuit some applications such as color choice or stamped on some models of consumption of different products.

3D Animation, Efectos: Create a Halo [Blogs experimental][ Blender ]

A halo can be classified within the lighting elements, or be considered a special effect. We have seen an example of using this technique as in the case of Halo of the Sun; we will see how to define and how to adjust some of its parameters. La clasificación tiene sentido para la organización del interface… (leer más)

Modelos de iluminación: Light

Una escena de animación se ilumina mediante unas propiedades globales (Ambient Light) así como por diferentes puntos de luz (Spotlight) that emulate many other types of “lamps”. Mathematical calculations performed with these parameters, applied to the geometry which defines the scene, are associated with the concept of “Modelos de iluminación“. Rooms,… (leer más)

Wallpaper: Halo [Imagen 1280×1024]

After seeing the concepts needed for a “Halo” and before undertaking the practical study Blender tutorial we see an example of application in a scene with synthetic image. An image format “Wallpaper” ( WallPaper que pasará a la galería) in 1280×1024 que muestra el… (leer más)