Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Luz Spot con Halo [ Blender ]


One of the most complex to generate a synthetic image issues is to get the level and desired lighting effect, because it changes the colors and even alter the appearance of the forms on the scene.

The lighting effects that occur in environments with participating media (specks of dust, water droplets suspended. … ) under conditions of high light intensity at the focus or point of light, Blender can be simulated by using “Buffers” Shadows (special reports devoted to the calculation of illumination) further indicating that we want to generate a light (spot) mode “Halo”

To create this effect we introduce an object in the scene and a spot light type “Spot”. We will select the spot light and change its type in the menu associated with lamps.
We can use elements of the original scene or create a new item (as for example a three-dimensional text).

Will access controls that govern the processing of shadows “Buffers” and activate mode “Buffer Shadow”

no shadow



Adjust the direction of the light cone, and said cone angle. The angle you can modify in the area labeled “Spot shape” in which we will activate the effect “Halo” and varying the number of “steps” control calculation “Step”

spot shape

Modifying to get different levels of intensity lighting and shadow thrown by intercepting the object.

For example intensely 0.4 we

intensity 04

While increasing the intensity (1.3) “solarizamos” la imagen

intensity 1.3

Other controls will be discussed later. For now we can begin to explore this nuevo lighting effect.

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