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How to create a 3D PDF for documentation and education

Current technology allows us to generate documents with rich content. In this case we will see how you can incorporate a 3D model to a document format “PDF”, retaining the three-dimensional model information, allowing us to change your display interactively.

Modifiers : Subdivision Surface [ Blender ]

We have seen how, generally, los modificadores en Blender cambian la representación de un objeto sin alterar su geometría.

Uno de los modificadores más utilizados es el denominado “Subdivision Surface”, que utiliza los modelos conocidos como “Catmull Clark” para suavizar superficies poliédricas con una técnica recursiva muy sencilla.

Video Editing : Transitions “Wipe” [Blender]

We have seen how we can “Generate and edit videos with Blender” passing the process of obtaining images (Render) video editing of the same. This editing process will be described at a basic level, focusing on the production of a video from a global perspective.
Descend to some details in new entries to understand fully the possibilities of incorporating video Editos Blender. En particular, in this, see block transitions we can add effects by type “Wipe”.

Morphing images with Blender

In my regular visits BlenderNation find new techniques developed for Blender tasks that initially has been designed.
In this case, Francois hand "CoyHot" Grassard have this interesting sequence in which, by a screenshot fast motion, shows us how to make a morphing between two pictures using only Blender.

Blender 2.66a Keyboard Shortcuts

Los usuarios más avanzados del software de modelado y animación Blender lo manejan con una mano en el ratón y la otra sobre el teclado.

Una interesante página, de Waldo Bronchart, nos permite encontrar fácilmente el mapa de funciones sobre el teclado en cada uno de los modos de trabajo/edición de Blender.

Node editor : Defocus in layers (blurred layers) [ Blender ]


We have seen how to separate elements in layers. To date it has helped us to simplify the process of editing the geometry disabling to hide different layers.
In this article we will see the real power of this technique layered structure manifests when using the “Composer” (in the node editor), namely, in post-production in which we merge the layers of image.

3D Animation, Particles : Smoke with adaptive domains and dissemination of colors [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

Train with smoke

We have seen how to create a domain for generating smoke through a system of particles. This domain should be static before version 2.65 the Blender.

From this latest version, Available in December 2012, domains can be defined to suit the needs of a dynamic and, even, change of position in space.

New functionality includes the ability to use different types of color for each emitting smoke, which can be mixed by diffusion.

Gradually we come to a real fluid simulator.

Andy Blender Model ( Android )

Model Andy

In the next animation classes we will work the movement of a character via keyframes, key shape and skeletons.

In order to follow the practices in coordination with a single model, we will put in the blog one version of Andy, Android Mascot, we have developed as an example. You can download the model Andi (Android) Blend here.

Modeling Andy (Android) con Blender


One of the first modeling exercises in our course of Blender has been the mascot “Andy” de Android, because it can serve, a very basic level, to work gestural aspects (positions).

This year, performed in class, has been used to propose new work students: perform a couple of character. The results, varied, friendly and a lot of creativity can be seen in “Student work”

Modifiers : Booleans in Blender 2.6

Boolean operations

The new versions of Blender have changed the way of defining the Boolean operations we saw when making a nut in version 2.49. This form of modeling, based on three basic operations with volumes topological, is now under the concept of “modifiers”. Boolean operations are three: Add or add two volumes subtracted… (leer más)

3D Animation, Objects: Separate vertices : Split surfaces [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

Separate objects

When editing a complex surface in Blender can be neceserio that postteriormente tear it into smaller parts in order to assign materials , move etc.. The material allocation problem does not need this physical separation, since we can generate vertex groups and assign different materials to each group. First. Edit mode,… (leer más)