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Video Editing : Transitions “Wipe” [Blender]

transitionWe have seen how we can “Generate and edit videos with Blender” passing the process of obtaining images (Render) video editing of the same.

This editing process will be described at a basic level, focusing on the production of a video from a global perspective.

Descend to some details in new entries to understand fully the possibilities of incorporating video Editos Blender. En particular, in this, see block transitions we can add effects by type “Wipe”.
To access the video editing environment select "Video Editing" in the main menu.

To start editing need a set of images that constitute the sequence. In the bottom window select the "Add" menu and the new dropdown menu will indicate the type of item you want to add. In this case a sequence of images, so we click on the "Image". As We saw the video editing.

Need of video sequences


We select

Screenshot 2014-02-23 to(s) 22.15.06

Add the effect

Screenshot 2014-02-23 to(s) 22.14.25

Change the effect type


Transitions are available:

  • Clock: A scan is performed by simulating the hand of a clock (Sector)
  • Iris. Simulating the iris scanning (circular) a chamber
  • Double: Doble cortinilla
  • Single: Cortinilla simple


To understand these transitions we use two simple sequences comprising a letter. We assume that we want to move the sequence “A” the sequence “B”

0001 0249


In the left image we have disabled the effect “Blur” (valor 0) so that each picture is clearly different. Increasing this value, the two images are melting (mixing) resulting in smoother transitions. It can reverse the direction of rotation of effect (In-Out).

An effect which is used especially by keeping the stage (place) and performing an ellipsis (change over time or)

0120 0120


This effect is used to change settings. It is often used in cartoons and comic sequences. Also, given the tunneling, is suitable for plane changes (midplane to the fore eg)

0120 0120


The curtains allow changing of scenes with modification of the location, characters, the time point …. They are the most generic. The double curtain enclosing the content at both ends.

0120 0120


The simple shade is visually less cluttered, allowing moving the stage in a direction.

0120 0120

Both in the case “Single” as “Double” You can change the angle of the curtain


The result will be a sweep in the direction we have assigned



We can also determine the direction of the effect, inward or outward as we are interested, modifying the state of the corresponding buttons.



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