Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Projection mapping sobre objetos

projection_mapping_objeto_3dAlthough initially technique “Projection mapping” has been done on buildings, is applicable to any type of soporte.Como curious example, We can see this projection on a tennis shoe used to publicize the brand, although we can intuit some applications such as color choice or stamped on some models of consumption of different products.

New balance sneaker Projection mapping_01

Normally the projection is started from a single point make a single projector; The evolution of these objects mapping techniques to more complex environments allows us now create a projection in a tridimensional, around an object (360º).

The 10 June 2011 was presented in Florence one innovative techniques for 3D mapping: projecting 360 ° and 3D graphics !.

Production was performed by 3D Studio DrawLight ( and artist Rabarama gave new life to the famous sculpture “Cocoon ‘.

The installation I can open until 30 September 2011 (Complex “straws”, Machiavelli, Florence).

360° 3D Mapping Projection with Rabarama

Advertising has found a new medium that allows your products to be displayed dramatically, as is the case of this car (Audi) you can walk without leaving the site.

Audi A1 Car projection mapping