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Geometría y naturaleza

Desde la formación de las estructuras minerales hasta los diseños biológicos más complejos, la geometría de las formas marca los patrones elementales de estos diseños.
Buscar modelos naturales para su reproducción en sociedades civilizadas ha sido una constante que ha impulsado nuestro desarrollo como sociedad tecnificada.

The Sandpit [ Timelapse ]

Not infrequently do Web searches with the term “Time-lapse” or some variant.

I like to see the phenomena of nature with different time scales. You can see events or patterns of behavior that are always amazed at the unexpected, by offshoring that produce. A sea of ​​clouds behaving like a tide, a vegetable moving like a reptile …

Human [ 2D Animation ]


The 2D animation is also room in this blog, in which we are deeply touched by images with the world around us.

This short animation is a cry to the illogic of our relationship with the world. When we commit daily abuse with nature.

A video to reflect.

Within Two Worlds [ Timelapse ]

The videos can observe nature at a very different from what we perceive with our time as an expression let you see the world differently.
Allow a more detailed understanding of many phenomena and, are both, generally, of exceptional beauty.
The vision of long-term processes, reduced to a few seconds, study suggest the scale models of other disparate phenomena. These visualization techniques accelerated time, we've dealt with other examples, are collected under the concept of “Timelapse”

Erupción solar [ NASA ]

Erupción solar

The 31 August 2012 alone Dynamics Observatory of NASA, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), captured a spectacular solar flare can be seen in one of the videos used for scientific publication.
The film shows the spectrum of light with wavelengths between 304 Angstroms y 171 Angstroms, used by scientists to observe the Sun's atmosphere, the corona.

Succulent in bloom [ Imagen ] [ Wallpaper ]


Or SUCCULENTS succulents Succulents, also called succulents or fat plants, are those who have developed stems or thick, fleshy leaves to store water in their bodies. The succulence or thickening is an adaptive process that occurs in ecosystems where rainfall is very low or very irregular, donde la… (leer más)

Scale of the Universe (interactive)


In NASA pages every day we can find a picture of astronomy, some of great beauty and other, no less gripping, educational character marking.

Last 12 March 2012, published an interactive Flash application that allows you to appreciate the different orders of magnitude of our universe. From the tiniest on a scale in which the atoms are enormous, to the most massive of our universe, where the biggest stars are simple points of light.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (X) : Realistic snowflakes [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


A new Christmas wallpaper that improves the visual appearance Snowflake presented with construction techniques to create a snowflake with Blender.

In this case, in search of improved realism, has been used a background image to build geometry, applying a material that emulates the behavior of light more fideligna.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (VI) : Snow flakes [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]

snow flakes thumbnail

A wallpaper created from a snowflake created with Blender, evolution wallpaper titled “snowflake”,

To create the image for this wallpaper. we have used the particle system has incorporated the modeling and animation software Blender 2.6 . allows us to generate a distribution of points, which were later replaced by geometric models representing a snowflake elemental.

3D Animation, Examples: Create a Snowflake [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]


Let's see how we can create a snowflake using the Blender geometry editor 2.6.

A snowflake, as we have used to create a wallpaper, is a fractal (self-similar) with six axes of symmetry. Its structure is therefore based on models which are essentially hexagonal, as shown in the attached image. Each arm hence repeated six times on each of the flakes, although there are different configurations depending on the crystallization conditions such as temperature and humidity.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (III) : Snowflake [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]

copo de nieve thumb

The Christmas period is associated with snow. White Landscapes, flooded smooth and soft snowflakes or ice crystals bright.

A wallpaper speckled with stars, with a symmetrical hexagonal structure can remember the shape of a snowflake to be seen under a microscope.