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Global maps

The NASA official pages are full of audiovisual resources of great scientific inerés, presentation formats accessible to a vast majority of curious and interested in science.

Accelerated vision global phenomena ( rainfall, sea ​​temperature, Fire …) allows us to see these phenomena in a new light.

Global Maps are a set of pages where you can see animated sequences for the presence or action of certain phenomena, at the global level.

NASA Initiative to recover asteroids

The future plans of NASA we show possible advances in aerospace technology hardly imaginable today.

The Multimedia Gallery NASA can see ideas of what might be future developments of this agency.
An interesting initiative seeks to develop a spacecraft capable of recovering asteroids and lunar orbits take them to where it is possible to study the effect displaced astronauts.

Acoustic Levitation


The video that accompanies this page has been produced by “Argonne Labs” and demonstrates the ability to levitate small objects with fluids and sound waves produced by two small speakers with frequencies above 20 KHz (22.000 Hertz)

The two loudspeakers, aligned with high precision, generate some points in space ,called nodes, in which there is no energy transfer; the pressure of the sound waves is able to counteract the force of gravity allowing the drop to remain in suspension. An interesting effect developed by NASA to simulate microgravity and can be used at present for the synthesis of drugs.

Erupción solar [ NASA ]

Erupción solar

The 31 August 2012 alone Dynamics Observatory of NASA, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), captured a spectacular solar flare can be seen in one of the videos used for scientific publication.
The film shows the spectrum of light with wavelengths between 304 Angstroms y 171 Angstroms, used by scientists to observe the Sun's atmosphere, the corona.

Astronaut [ Imagen ] [ Blender ]


These days we have heard the success of NASA laboratory to deposit a scientific analysis of the surface of Mars.

Curiosity, name that is known to rover, We provide interesting information on the Red Planet, in an attempt to increase our knowledge for future colonization.

NASA 3D Models


The NASA official pages offer 3D models gallery free use, que pueden ser utilizados en nuestras animaciones. Los modelos se encuentran en diferentes formatos y grado de detalle: Blender, 3DS, OBJ. La lectura de estos ficheros de geometría 3D desde nuestras aplicaciones, You can assume the loss of detail in the… (leer más)

Eyes on the Solar System : Visor de misiones de la NASA

eyes NASA

NASA has made available to the public in general a 3D environment that allows us to explore the cosmos from our computer with actual data of their missions. El software se denomina “Eyes on Solar System” and is accessible from the official NASA pages. Immerse yourself with your sight in our Solar system and… (leer más)

AstroRobonaut, R2, begins to answer questions on Twitter


NASA's robot R2 has a Twitter account: @ AstroRobonaut. Yesterday over breakfast with the news that Robonaut-2 is ready to 'Tweet' from the ISS and today I'm a tweet from NASA which communicates us that questions can be given using the tag #4R2 without too many hopes of… (leer más)