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Behind The Lapse: Part 1 [ Timelapse ]

“Behind The Lapse” is a series of shorts in which the author, el fotógrafo Michael Shainblum, reveals part of the technique necessary for the realization of these spectacular shows in which the dimension “time” allowing accelerates or decelerates “see” new dimensions of the everyday.
Behind of Lapse is a timelapse within another timelapse. A successful outreach exercise makes us love, all the more, this wonderful art.

Feel the pulse of traffic, look at the sea of ​​clouds and the waves of steam, includes the motion of the sky …. vive el timelapse!

The Sandpit [ Timelapse ]

Not infrequently do Web searches with the term “Time-lapse” or some variant.

I like to see the phenomena of nature with different time scales. You can see events or patterns of behavior that are always amazed at the unexpected, by offshoring that produce. A sea of ​​clouds behaving like a tide, a vegetable moving like a reptile …

Within Two Worlds [ Timelapse ]

The videos can observe nature at a very different from what we perceive with our time as an expression let you see the world differently.
Allow a more detailed understanding of many phenomena and, are both, generally, of exceptional beauty.
The vision of long-term processes, reduced to a few seconds, study suggest the scale models of other disparate phenomena. These visualization techniques accelerated time, we've dealt with other examples, are collected under the concept of “Timelapse”

Santiago Carrillo Solares [ Mosaic ] [ Imagen ]

Santiago Carrillo

Mosaic photo D. Jose Santiago Carrillo Solares, highly relevant Spanish politician who was instrumental in the transition to democracy.

Gijón, 18 January 1915 – Madrid, 18 September 2012

The images that make up the mosaic were obtained with Google image search and belong to their authors. The mosaic has been made with the software MacOSaiX.

Night Flight [ Timelapse ]

Visualization techniques known as accelerated image “Timelapse” give us a different view of natural phenomena, well as those that are analyzed over a period.

The behavior of an airport, illuminated at night, is a show if you look this particular prism.

The cadence of landing and takeoff of aircraft is enhanced imaging techniques that make this video a masterpiece of the genre, especially for aviation enthusiasts.

Cycles : Cámara : Profundidad de campo [ Blender ]


One of the effects that bring more realism to an image synthesis is obtained by focusing an object or region located at a distance of cámara.Simula the human eye to focus attention on a particular object, finding other objects more or less blurred.
In photography this effect is known to focus / blur and depth of field of the image, being the result of two factors, aperture and shutter speed.
Rendering made with “Cycles” Blender allows you to define the field profundid very easily. Will select in the scene the camera and go into the menu for your configuration by clicking its icon.

Succulent in bloom [ Imagen ] [ Wallpaper ]


Or SUCCULENTS succulents Succulents, also called succulents or fat plants, are those who have developed stems or thick, fleshy leaves to store water in their bodies. The succulence or thickening is an adaptive process that occurs in ecosystems where rainfall is very low or very irregular, donde la… (leer más)

The light of the sunset [Imagen] [Wallpaper]


We have seen how the sunset light, with sunset, appear reddish by diffusion in the atmosphere.

The different frequencies of light, within the visible spectrum, undergo variations in its trajectory to collide with the suspended particles in the atmosphere are. This effect in computer animation is included in the concept of participating media.

Manuel Fraga Iribarne [ Mosaic ] [ Imagen ]


Mosaic photo D. Manuel Fraga Iribarne, highly relevant Spanish politician who was instrumental in the transition to democracy. Villalba 23 November 1922 –Madrid 15 January 2012. The images that make up the mosaic were obtained with Google image search and belong to their authors. Mosaic… (leer más)