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Graphic PIZiadas

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Succulent in bloom [ Imagen ] [ Wallpaper ]


Or SUCCULENTS succulents Succulents, also called succulents or fat plants, are those who have developed stems or thick, fleshy leaves to store water in their bodies. The succulence or thickening is an adaptive process that occurs in ecosystems where rainfall is very low or very irregular, donde la… (leer más)

Daffodil [animated gif] [Morphing] [FotoMorph]

Narcissus is a genus of the Amaryllidaceae family native to the Mediterranean basin and Europe. Includes numerous bulbous species, most spring flowering, although there are some species that bloom in the fall. Narciso es el nombre común en español para Narcissus.(W) El gif animado ha sido generado como un morphing con FotoMorph, de 100… (leer más)

Mahonia: Yellow flower [Imagen]


Mahonia, flowering bush. Oregon grape is a genre that has 70 perennial shrub species, which belong to the family Berberidácea, este nombre genérico está dedicado a un horticultor americano Bernard M Mahon, who introduced the plant by the expedition of Lewis and Clark (InfoJardín) Leaves composed imparipinnadas, with leaflets espinosos…. (leer más)