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Guernica en color. Una interpretación de Jesús Alonso Arroyo

Una de las obras más importantes de Pablo Picaso es “El Guernica”, que ilustra de una forma abstracta el bombardeo de la ciudad Vasca de igual nombre.
Esta singular obra ha servido de inspiración al pintor Jesús Alonso Arroyo para la elaboración de una versión en color.

GIF animado 3D

An animated GIF file is constructed from a sequence of images that show then sequentially.

You can generate an animated GIF file that produces the sensation of depth, Podremos realize that without 3D glasses, by an optical effect or optical illusion, deceiving the senses; These files are constructed by superimposing two vertical bands on the sides of the image.

Projection mapping on movable

The technique known “projection mapping” has reached a new milestone in its technical and artistic development with the use of mobile media projection.
Robotic arms synchronized projectors allow progress in this spectacular visual technique, in which we add the real image and the synthetic carrying our senses into imaginary worlds where almost anything is possible.

Perception and contours

Gestalt laws to identify numerous visual recognition processes are unsuccessful leading to optical illusions.

The most common are “Fund-Figure” in which the outline of objects defines what can be found in the first or last plane.

The “Familiarity of objects” also heavily involved in the recognition and constantly compared with the known elements looking for repeating patterns.

Pumpkins of my students (XIII) Challenge to the perception

In proposing the creation of a work halloween pumpkin my students never thought that he could get much juice to exercise.

Besides the interesting variety of models created to recreate the classic face, I found a perceptive curiosity led me to a detailed analysis of some aspects of the Gestalt Laws in class.


The phenomena that affect perception are varied. An element isolated not look the same if you are surrounded by other elements. Its color, their size or shape are altered in the process of recognition to which our senses undergo.
A set of basic rules collected as “Leyes de la Gestalt” allow us to understand the processes that influence the shape recognition.

The Gestalt laws are based on the idea that "the whole is more than the sum of its parts", outlining key elementary processes of the organization of information in the perceptual process.

Optical illusion based on comparison with the environment


Perceiving is the process we made when decode visual information we receive and understand.

Errors that occur in this process result in different types of optical illusions, that can be classified or grouped into types based on Gestalt process involving the analysis of stimuli.

Optical illusion from the perspective


The Gestalt laws of perceptual processes governing. Experience and comparison with the everyday is one of the mechanisms used in the process of interpreting what our senses perceive.

Optical illusions are simply a misunderstanding of mental reconstruction of the outside world caught on view.

Santiago Carrillo Solares [ Mosaic ] [ Imagen ]

Santiago Carrillo

Mosaic photo D. Jose Santiago Carrillo Solares, highly relevant Spanish politician who was instrumental in the transition to democracy.

Gijón, 18 January 1915 – Madrid, 18 September 2012

The images that make up the mosaic were obtained with Google image search and belong to their authors. The mosaic has been made with the software MacOSaiX.

Whodunnit? Test percepción


These days I'm doing a scientific experiment about perception; a colleague has sent me this video that shows that sometimes (mostly) not find what you are looking for but can not have it in front.

A funny video that makes us perceive clearly how difficult it is to appreciate our surroundings in detail.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (V..) : Geometric Christmas Tree: Cube helicoid[ Imagen 1280×1024 ]

geometrico tree helicoide cubes

A new wallpaper image synthesis realized with thanks to the modeling tool Blender 2.6.

In this case we have constructed a christmas tree through a geometric transformation, a helix.