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Perception and contours

Gestalt laws to identify numerous visual recognition processes are unsuccessful leading to optical illusions.

The most common are “Fund-Figure” in which the outline of objects defines what can be found in the first or last plane.

The “Familiarity of objects” also heavily involved in the recognition and constantly compared with the known elements looking for repeating patterns.

CAMEL double images: Figure Fund

CAMEL The company dedicated to the development and distribution of manufactured mainly snuff has been known for its logo depicting a camel in the desert. Always has been speculated about the hidden content of his images, what are called “double images”. Ha llegado a mis manos una caja metálica de… (leer más)

Double images: Group: Advertising Camel: Brick Wall

A new example in which the Laws of Gestalt perceptual give us the keys for decoding an image with double meanings.
The fight between the perception of “the everyday” like a house of an urban landscape and the process of “Equality or equivalence” that give rise to regular patterns grouping, as is the case with the exposed brick wall, make us jump between the two images, city ​​street or advertising Camel.

Percepción: Leyes de la Gestalt

Among the theories that have been developed around the sense of sight, are of special interest are those that are included under the so-called “Gestalt Theory”, which highlights a set of laws that structure the cognitive process which takes place during the decoding of the information you give us light.