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Graphic PIZiadas

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GIF animado 3D

Screenshot 2014-04-03 to(s) 01.38.33An animated GIF file is constructed from a sequence of images that show then sequentially.

You can generate an animated GIF file that produces the sensation of depth, Podremos realize that without 3D glasses, by an optical effect or optical illusion, deceiving the senses; These files are constructed by superimposing two vertical bands on the sides of the image.

The brain perceives these differentiating background image and interpreting sidebands that are ahead of it, so get that perception of different levels of depth or distance in the image.

We can see a simple example to analyze the different perceptions that produce these lines added. For reference with which to compare, observe this simple composition: A satellite orbiting a planet.

If we add these sidebars determine differential background plane in which the planet is (imagen central). Passing by the satellite front and back of this product we produce the illusion of a three dimensional image.


The effect is enhanced if we add a text bottom band, as more clearly defined image plane.

To see other images with this effect you can use the following links, or search the Internet search term “gif 3D“:

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