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The robustness of dynamic geometric constructions with Geogebra: Polar of a point of a circle

The study of the disciplines of classical geometry can be reinforced by using tools that allow constructions that can be changed dynamically: variational constructions.
The tool “Geogebra” It will serve to illustrate these concepts and demonstrate the importance of detailed knowledge of geometric relationships to ensure the robustness of the buildings we use in geometric reasoning, as, sometimes, some constructions may lose their validity.

Projective axis of two series [Interactive] [Geogebra]

Projective geometry constructions made with tools to analyze their invariants are very useful for the study of this discipline of Graphic Expression. We will see one of these constructions made with the software “GeoGebra”, in particular for determining the projective axis of two projective series.

Geometría proyectiva: Dynamic construction of a Tetrad of points [Geogebra]

Application “Geogebra” It allows you to develop dynamic constructions in which we can modify the position of the elements forming it, keeping the geometric constraints of these figures, allowing the invariants of the same show. This tool can be a valuable aid for students.

Professor Juan Alonso Alriols collaborated in the introduction of this tool in the teachings of “Graphic Expression” at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, providing examples of high interest. You can see an example of his work in the “Dynamic construction of double reason for four points” accompanying this entry, that has added a driver text for use in our classes.