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Geometry and origami [ Book ]

Geometry and origami Stella is a book published by Homo Sapiens Ricotti transmitting “happiness” from the world of mathematics. The author takes us to the world of geometry “playing” from bases underlying topological a paper sheet.

A teaching resource certainly of great value that can be entered at different educational levels; allows “touch” mathematics from the realization of the geometric models that express perfection.

Origami : How to Book

book origami

The art of creating objects from a single sheet of paper, origami, is based on a few simple principles topological. An interesting example that may surprise us is the realization of a small book based on these techniques. Also, for younger, It can be a fun element that serves to bring them to this… (leer más)

Scientific visualization : Handbook of Data Visualization [ Book ]


An adequate representation of the data is an essential part of any data analysis. Modern developments of information processing based on the use of PCs have allowed significant improvements in graphics capabilities offering new possibilities for data visualization. “Handbook of Data Visualization” es un volumen de la serie de Manuales de Springer de Estadística Computacional que ofrece una visión general de los modernos métodos de visualización de… (leer más)

El libro de las matemáticas

The subject of Mathematics has always been controversial for students. There has not been a unified position in their assessment, being simple and attractive to some and hated and complex for others. Mathematics from an abstract point of view are beautiful to more abstract minds. His perfection, su orden… (leer más)

Manual Writing Chinese Characters [Book]

One of the aspects that has seduced me of Chinese culture is your writing, given its graph. One of the most distinctive features of Chinese culture is its writing system, logográfico source, similar in this respect to Mayan and Egyptian systems. Chinese writing consists of thousands of symbols, called… (leer más)