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Manual Writing Chinese Characters [Book]

One of the aspects that has seduced me of Chinese culture is your writing, given its graph.

One of the most distinctive features of the Chinese culture is the writing system, logográfico source, similar in this respect to Mayan and Egyptian systems. Chinese writing consists of thousands of symbols, called characters, in Chinese Hànzì (汉字 / 汉字), which have been used for at least three thousand years as the writing Chinese language. The Chinese writing system was also adopted by other Asian languages, in particular Japanese, the Korean and Vietnamese. The latter two almost completely abandoned the use of characters in the second half of the twentieth century, while Japan is still using the characters, there called Kanji (汉字). (read more W)

A few years ago, given my interest, I got a beautiful book that was the one that introduced me, in an entertaining and very educational, in this exciting “art” of writing. Then came other books and dictionaries that more rigorously supported my learning. Even once ordered a “primers” calligraphy to a friend who traveled to Japan, as the spelling, no sound, have the same base pictographic: equal.

Today I want to recommend this book that can be used both in the script started to approach the way of understanding the world of this ancient culture. In anticipation I leave a picture of the first lesson, in which the characters begin to present a very singular isolated.

Title: Manual Writing Chinese Characters

Binding: Soft cover, 335 pages
ISBN: 9788478131730
Issue No.:1ª
Year of issue:1998
Place edition: MADRID