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33 Military Aircraft Drawings

Via email James sent me these beautiful drawings of military aircraft, whose author not know, I share with you.


3D Reconstruction of Flight 1549 de US Airways: Splashdown in the Hudson River


The Flight 1549 U.S. Airways has gone down in history for having amerizado aviation in the Hudson River without loss of life. A flock of birds fire their engines a few minutes after takeoff, in rapid ascent of the apparatus.

The skill of the pilot can be seen in this 3D reconstruction to which have been added the original audio channels.

Aircraft Detection before Radar was invented

Before the radar also detected enemy aircraft early. The propagation of sound of their engines design allowed for devices that captured the pressure waves. I received a graphic document unknown to authorship, of great historical value that I leave to enjoy. Are giant ears?

How to change planes in flight [video]

Acrobatic Aviation and skydiving are two sports “controlled risk” that can give spectacular results when they join the hand of senior specialists. A chilling air exercise in which Paul Steiner leaves the cabin of an aircraft 110 miles per hour while flying to 2100 meters… (leer más)

Aeronautical models [videos]


There are many people who have a hobby model building at different scales. A classic of the genre are those relating to the railway world, although we can find virtually any sort represented. En los siguientes vídeos se puede disfrutar visualmente de las correspondientes al mundo en el que participo educativamente, la aeronáutica. Pena que se encuentre en… (leer más)

Airbus 380 inside [interactive]

The Airbus A380-named A3XX during much of its development stage-4 is a plane tetrarreactor manufactured by the pan-European company Airbus, EADS.Puedes subsidiary of the group, an interactive application to see inside these luxury aircraft: Use the mouse to dynamically view and from different angles this technical marvel of aerospace, It is a link that you can not miss, least to see some screen shots:

Aerodays 2011

I received an email which he spread through this post given the interest of the event is announced (for the aviation sector). Estimados investigadores Este año tendrá lugar en Madrid la celebración del evento “Aerodays 2011” during days 30 March and 1 April. This is an event that, every four years, reúne a los… (leer más)

Rotor [II] [Imagen]

A helicopter is an aircraft heavier than air that is supported and propelled by one or more horizontal rotors, each one consisting of the more shovels. Los helicópteros están clasificados como aeronaves de alas giratorias para distinguirlos de las aeronaves de ala fija porque los helicópteros crean sustentación con las palas que… (leer más)

What size has a vane? [image]

The blades of a jet engine can be of different sizes, ranging from a few millimeters in engines designed for model to three feet in major aeronautical turbines. Here you have a photo taken in the “Engines Laboratory” aviation schools (EIAE) of UPM. Comparar el tamaño… (leer más)

Paddle [Imagen]

Blade is referred to each of the curved vanes of a hydraulic turbine wheel or. The blades are part of the gas turbine, las turbinas of Vapor, turbochargers, fans and other rotating equipment. (W) La función de los álabes es la de “empujar” el aire (como las palas de un ventilador) a una cámara… (leer más)