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Cómo beneficia a nuestro cerebro tocar un instrumento [ TED ]

TED es sinónimo de calidad. Sus amenas charlas nos muestran, de la mano de los mejores especialistas, la actualidad del conocimiento en sus diferentes disciplinas.
En esta ocasión se ha sustituido la charla de un orador en directo por una animación con audio en la que podemos descubrir los beneficios del aprendizaje y la interpretación musical.

Printers 4D

As the proteins change shape, we can design objects that vary their shape throughout its life. We can even get items that are assembled automatically.

The following TED talk illustrates this interesting concept.

Raffaello D'Andrea: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters [TED]

Raffaello D'Andrea us in this interesting video “TED” (in English) a spectacular demo on their quadcopters behave like true athletes, solving physical problems with algorithms that allow them to learn.
Nine demos in which D'Andrea shows us how his drones are able to make decisions or solve individually coordinated complex balancing tests.
A video that gives a quick overview of the state of art in the development of this technology.

Alexander Tsiaras: from conception to birth… all to see [ TED ]


On the day of the mother can not miss a video of the creation of life. Led by Alexander Tsiaras, participate in the development of MRI technique, We can see a digital image processing of great beauty and educational value that shows the process of creating a living.
A wonderful video taken from the always interesting TED talks

Robots Quadrotors interpretando the theme of James Bond (TED)


A “Quadrotor” is a helicopter rotor has four vertical axis. This type of ingenuity in small sizes have a very interesting dynamic behavior or allowing them to perform spectacular acrobatic performances due to its low inertia. La utilización del quadrotor para construir pequeños robots que interaccionen cooperativamente es una idea en un… (leer más)

The beauty of pollination [ TED ] [ Video ]


Louie Schwartzberg told us about the dependence we have on each other in one of those wonderful talks we see in TED , The talk was accompanied with beautiful images captured with high-speed cameras: The hidden beauty of pollination Pollination: it’s vital to life on Earth, but largely unseen by the human eye…. (leer más)

Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPod) [TED]


With three iPods as tools for performing magic, Marco Tempest shows us one clever meditation, surprisingly candid about truth and lies, art and emotion. Una unión interesante entre lo clásico y la innovación, de gran calidad como suelen ser las charlas de TED

In memoriam: Benoît Mandelbrot: TED : Spanish versions

A few hours ago I heard of the death of the father of the “Fractal geometry”, Benoît Mandelbrot, un genio visionario surprisingly intuyó el concepto of fractal dimension. I still remember ago 20 años cuando las noches se conectaban con la mañana programando mis primeros fractales, la transformación en el plano complejo era un simple juego matemático… (leer más)