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In memoriam: Benoît Mandelbrot: TED : Spanish versions

A few hours ago I heard of the death of the father of the “Fractal geometry”, Benoît Mandelbrot, un genio visionario surprisingly intuyó el concepto of fractal dimension.

I still remember ago 20 años cuando las noches se conectaban con la mañana programando mis primeros fractales, the transformation in the complex plane was a simple mathematical game that reported nice images still lacking of sense for me.

The “chaos theory” increasingly developed and current, allows you to undertake new studies of nature based on concepts such as “space fracture”, las “not whole dimensions” and a set of theories that are still in their early days.

Today we have lost a genius, We have lost to the creator of a new beauty that expresses the mathematics in a new dimension.

I leave three videos:

  • One with a talk from TED has seemed to me sublime master; its simplicity, their joy and at the same time the bitterness that expresses what we have taken to understand their ideas, they have made me thrill.
  • The second is one of many that populate the network with dynamic images of his first fractal, the square of a complex number equal to zero, the simplicity and complexity of a world turned into a classic image.
  • The latter is an informative program that allows us to appreciate the fractal essence of nature.

I hope you enjoy them as I. Up to always Professor !

TED (translated)
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At TED2010, mathematician Emeritus Benoît Mandelbrot developed a subject already discussed at TED in 1984: the extreme complexity of the fracturing and the way in which the mathematical fractal is order within complex structures more beyond all comprehension.

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