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Graphic PIZiadas

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The beauty of pollination [ TED ] [ Video ]

polinización_gota_aguaLouie Schwartzberg We talked about the dependence we have on each other in one of those wonderful talks we see in TED ,

The talk was accompanied with beautiful images captured with high-speed cameras:

The hidden beauty of pollination

Pollination: it’s vital to life on Earth, but largely unseen by the human eye. Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg shows us the intricate world of pollen and pollinators with gorgeous high-speed images from his film “Wings of Life,” inspired by the vanishing of one of nature’s primary pollinators, the honeybee.

Pollination involves numerous actors on which depends the life of our planet.

Pollination is the process of transfer of pollen from the stamens to the stigma or receptive part of the flowers in angiosperms, where it germinates and fertilizes the ovules of the flower, making possible the production of seeds and fruits.