Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

My world is in..

Helo TC , Indoor helicopter

Mini remote control helicopter controlled from the mobile. An educational toy for aeronautical engineers.

Landed in my hands this curious “toy” you can govern from a device “Android”. Prove their performances and discuss later, although the first impression is that it can be a great training tool.

A simple and efficient design that can serve as reference for aeromodelling workshop. For now install the software and test the weekend. 😉

Helo TC

Helo TC


The word 'helicopter' is derived from the French term helicopter, coined by the aviation pioneer Gustave Ponton Amécourt in 1863 from the Greek wordss helicopter, helix/helik- (propeller) and pteron (wing).(W)



Testing on a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet is satisfactory. You need a short training to handle the device comfortably. Your lighting make it very attractive.

The installation of the software on any device is not released has problems (Device not recognized). We recommend trying the installation on the mobile device before purchasing to avoid disappointment.