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PDI Navidad !

PDI PDI-Navidad!

I wish you happy holidays and, above all, a prosperous new year to all. Hopefully that is a little better than we closed and, those most in need, get overcome tough situations that are living.

Welcome 1000 Tickets

Post 1000

A little over three years ago I started my first blog.

Welcomed me into laquellos Bitá first steps, me into this world of “blogs” in which, as I wrote in the first entry, “The beginnings are never easy”.

Impostor in first post, of a Sunday, 27 September 2009, hardly knew what was published in this medium. What I cared about was getting a few lines, without image support, could enter and reach that page to see the light.

Blog Header

The blog header is a visual element that should reflect much of his personality. Integrates with colors defined for the topic set, harmoniously, conjoined. En general todos los temas que podemos usar en un blog tienen la posibilidad de personalizar la cabecera que viene por defecto en el… (leer más)

Focus on Greece

Focus on Greece

Greek elections are the basis for a new synthetic image.

The euro and the countries that are part of the wedge spotlight of the world economy, reflected in the composition by a focus on Greece that projects the shadow of a logo: El euro.

The Technical and Glamour: Ignacio Vargas ( Next Limit Technologies)

Ignacio Vargas

En Octubre de 2009 escribí este artículo sobre Ignacio Vargas (Next Limit Technologies) en mi primer blog. Me he acordado al ver otro de sus impresionantes trabajos.

Hoy rescato esta entrada, en homenaje a esas personas que hacen avanzar la técnica y que, both, tienen un perfil humano del que todos tenemos que aprender.

EVEN [Imagen]

Always struck me this neologism: “Breast”.

In the world of blogs has been used to chain links between pages of different authors, as a chain in many cases, breaking its true sense of distributed conversation.

Fe 8 October


A new call in the network so that all who wish to contribute a post, an image, Comment…. on a common theme.

As always, The initiative seeks to unite, with the same goal, different people that share the same medium.

In this edition the word chosen was “Faith”

Digital Illiterate

Illiteracy is the inability to read and write, which is usually due to lack of learning. In countries with compulsory schooling, illiteracy is a minority. Some people use the adjective of the word, referring only to one of the characteristics of this, being used incorrectly (W) Illiteracy has many faces; digital culture in… (leer más)

L37R45 3N 3L 54H4R4 # letrasenelsahara [Marathon][Imagen]

L37R45 3N 3L 54H4R4 #letrasenelsahara Una propuesta de @costampla “Marathon” to support the initiative of @ jsanz “#letraseneldesierto” has triggered a storm that has populated desert lyrics, twitter has been abuzz with phrases poetry to be found “in the rough” in the order that has been lashing the TL. The initiative, que ha… (leer más)

Traveling by Train [Image]


Station of Atocha AVE, Madrid. Tour dates motivating Spanish geography in the ground transportation more comfortable than we have in the country, el AVE. Meeting point and separation of families that share a few days of meeting. Distributor of emotions that take us back to the thought childhood, as in a… (leer más)