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Post lively navidad [School]

Ana Colorado Baz, student of the subject “Animation with Blender” send me one of his works Christmas: An animated postcard.

A file 400 Kb colorful transmitting the Christmas spirit thanks to the elements and textures involved in its composition. An example of the work you are able to make our students after a few weeks of training.

How to make an animated gif with GIMP?


One of the best-known image formats is the “GIF”. This format stores information of an image of any size without loss of information in a very efficient compressed format.
One possibility is supported by “package” multiple images in the file that can be presented sequentially generating a simple animation loop.

Gimp raster editing tool most complete GNU


There are plenty of tools for digital image editing, both raster and vector formats.

Among the applications that can be downloaded freely is “GIMP”, a powerful manipulator of images in raster format that stores bitmap, who has earned a prominent position in the world of graphics, competing at the same level as Photoshop.