Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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GIMP native Mac OS X

GIMP"GIMP", powerful manipulator of images in raster format, just put at the disposal of users a native OS X version of its GNU software.

With this version it is not therefore necessary to install X11.


The X11 system provides the necessary tools and protocols to an operating system for creating graphical user interfaces, widely used in UNIX systems (y Linux, of course). Sin embargo, Mac OS X has an implementation of the X11 can be installed to run applications based on this technology.(Applesfera)


Native builds

Two types of facilities currently offered:

A fichero GIMP 2.8 DMG installer created by Clayton Walker, GIMP provides no added (add-ons). Download the DMG file and drag “” in your folder “Applications”.

A package created by Simone Karin Lehmann, with some extras in the form of plug-ins.


Installing GIMP

Among the highlights of this release include the ability to work in a single window, Available in versions of Windows that have appeared recently.

GIMP en ventana única

GIMP in single window

Definitely a great tool for image lovers and free software.

You can download the latest version from official website of the GIMP.