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Graphic PIZiadas

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Emission RGB [ Wallpaper ] [ Blender ]

Nueva imagen to be used as fondo de escritorio ( Wallpaper) with minimalist geometric patterns, that has been generated in Blender with Cycles render engine. Diffuse materials have been used (Difusse) for different surfaces, and other emissive character for RGB color areas.

A geometric composition with basic colors can observe the behavior of light when mixed (aditivamente) on the surfaces of the scene


An image generated in Blender with Cycles render engine, the predominant material “Glossy SDF” can play highly reflective surfaces.
A geometric composition with basic colors can observe the behavior of light when mixed (aditivamente) on the surfaces of the scene.

FreeStyle Blender F1 : NPR : Non-Photorealistic Rendering

The latest revision of Blender, to be licensed soon, includes rendering mode called “FreeStyle” with which we can obtain new representations of 3D scenes.
FreeStyle is part of the so-called NPR or Non-Photorealistic Rendering. They are rendering modes that deviate from the visual realism, incorporating techniques developed from the models we have known thanks to the comics.

CLARITY allows us to obtain images of the brain: Stanford's Deisseroth Lab [Neurociencia]

Of video clips made by Karl Deisseroth y Kwanghun Chung, Stanford University.

The first shows a walk in the intact brain of a mouse, technique using a fluorescent imaging on a whole brain that previously could only be performed in a brain sectioned into thin slices.

The second sample is a 3D nature of memory in a mouse brain, o hipocampo, composed of different cell types:

Purkinje cell [ Imagen ]

Purkinje cells are a type of neuron in the cerebellar cortex in the brain stem.

They have numerous spines on their dendrites that form a highly branched tree.

They are high value anatomical. A cell obtained is presented in the database in the attached image Neuromorpho, and corresponds in particular to a rat treated in Martone laboratoio. For repreentación have used two colors that have established a color ramp that can be associated with anatomical, morphological, the dendritic tree.

Formula 1 Sepang, Malaysia [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

Second round of World Championship Formula 1, this time takes place in Sepang, Malaysia.
A new season in which, from the first race, podemos ver el alto nivel tecnológico y competitivo de las escuderias uqe participan.
Aportamos una nueva imagen a nuestra colección para homenajear a este singular circuito en el que Alonso celebró su primera victoria.

Wave [ wallpaper ]

One of the most intriguing aspects of Blender is the ability to use objects to represent the points (vertices) a surface.
The image that I bring today is made from a plane deformation undergone by a sinusoidal law, where we have changed the points of its surface by icosahedra.