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Graphic PIZiadas

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CLARITY allows us to obtain images of the brain: Stanford's Deisseroth Lab [Neurociencia]

Of video clips made by Karl Deisseroth y Kwanghun Chung, Stanford University.

The first shows a walk in the intact brain of a mouse, technique using a fluorescent imaging on a whole brain that previously could only be performed in a brain sectioned into thin slices.

The second sample is a 3D nature of memory in a mouse brain, o hipocampo, composed of different cell types:

Brain IV : Brain - Glossy [ Imagen ][ Wallpaper ]


A new rendering of the 3D model of the brain made with Blender animation software.
In this case we have defined material surfaces “Glossy” and has used a shader (render) with the new model called “Cycles” technique that uses a multi-pass rendering with light transport.

Brain III : Brain – toon [ Imagen ][ Wallpaper ]


A new rendering of the 3D model of the brain made with Blender animation software.
En este caso se han definido superficies transparentes y se ha utilizado un shader (render) clásico de los dibujos animados (Toon) que utiliza una rampa de colores para diferenciar claramente las zonas con sombra de las zonas claras o con brillo.

Engineering, brain architecture and neuroscience XXI century

Javier defelipe

Este año, in the act of opening the course 2011/2012, We have had the presence of Javier DeFelipe, Cortical Circuits Laboratory (CTB), we gave an interesting lecture on the status of the project “Cajal Blue Brain” entitled:

“Engineering, brain architecture and neuroscience XXI century”.

Internet is a matter !

Gaia is a living world. Gaia behaves as a self-regulating system (that tends to balance). Internet is the nervous system. Each person in the network represents a neuron. One blog, therefore, is the expression of a neuron!!!