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Graphic PIZiadas

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Purkinje cell [ Imagen ]

neurona_thumb Purkinje cells are a type of neuron in the cerebellar cortex in the brain stem. They have numerous spines on their dendrites that form a highly branched tree.

They are high value anatomical. In the attached image is presented a cell obtained in the database Neuromorpho, and corresponds in particular to a rat treated in Martone laboratoio. For repreentación have used two colors that have established a color ramp that can be associated with anatomical, morphological, the dendritic tree. In particular aspects can be represented as:

  • Distance to soma
  • Fiber Diameter
  • Lateral area
  • Volume
  • etc.….

The analysis and comparison of these parameters is the basis of the morphology of brain. The realization of software to view these parameters with new models of representation is an area of ​​great scientific activity.

These cells are some of the largest neurons in the human brain (Betz cells being the largest), with an intricately elaborate dendritic arbor, characterized by a large number of dendritic spines.(W)

neurona_color_AreaLateral NEUROSCIENCE