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Example with Cloth & Freestyle & Toon [ NPR ] [ Blender ]

A new non-photorealistic rendering experiment (NPR) Blender with the engine for obtaining shape of the objects ( Freestyle ) applied to the shader “Toon” for animation (Cartoon).

The worked example has been applied to two different objects, a rigid and a very flexible as it is the case of clothing.

Freestyle y Toon [ Blender ] [ Wallpaper ]

The new method of calculating silhouettes in Blender, in conjunction with the shader “Toon” allows a “look” very much like to have originated in cartoons normally.
The possibilities opened accordingly to this modeling and animation software in the near future, we suggest a departure from traditional animation with the incorporation of these techniques, also, can generate stereography.

Bosque de neuronas Freestyle [ Blender ] [ Wallpaper ]

The new version of Blender suggests a series of tests to determine the benefits of non-photorealistic rendering mode (NPR) called Freestyle.
A forest of neurons may be an organic example of interest to try to rearrange a complex image with the contours provided by this image generation method.

New version of Blender ( 2.67 )

True to its dynamic development, Blender, one of the best animation suites, available from today a new version that you can download from their official websites.
Version 2.67 program improvement in various aspects as always, although, along with new material shaders to simulate effects such as “subsurface scattering”, incorporates a new experimental rendering mode which determines the contours or shape of the objects: Freestyle.

FreeStyle Blender F1 : NPR : Non-Photorealistic Rendering

The latest revision of Blender, to be licensed soon, includes rendering mode called “FreeStyle” with which we can obtain new representations of 3D scenes.
FreeStyle is part of the so-called NPR or Non-Photorealistic Rendering. They are rendering modes that deviate from the visual realism, incorporating techniques developed from the models we have known thanks to the comics.