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Example with Cloth & Freestyle & Toon [ NPR ] [ Blender ]

A new non-photorealistic rendering experiment (NPR) Blender with the engine for obtaining shape of the objects ( Freestyle ) applied to the shader “Toon” for animation (Cartoon).

The worked example has been applied to two different objects, a rigid and a very flexible as it is the case of clothing.

3D Animation, Simulation : Clothing: Generate a deformed mesh (Convert)


In studying the cloth simulation and its main variables with Blender saw how we could, from a mesh, encourage its deformation to create deformations ( folds and wrinkles ) as a fabric.

We can deform a mesh using this physical simulation methodology, stop the simulation at a particular frame and turn the deformed mesh into a static mesh is no longer subjected to simulation.

3D Animation, Simulation : Clothing: main variables [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

Blender possible to create surfaces that behave like clothing. The simulation model is based on mass-spring techniques for use in computer animation, elastic bodies for defining.

The cloth simulation module has control variables used to adjust the properties of the various tissues to be emulated.