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Madrid is a dump [ Blender ][ Imagen ]

We sometimes use this space for social use image that does not lose its educational.

The images we make to our teaching role, as examples, may contain current information.
In this case, the reason that has led to build the image with Blender has been the rubbish collection strike in the capital of Spain, Madrid.

Collective Painting Exhibition [Madrid]

Madrid has a varied supply of art and quality. Me ha llegado información de una exposición colectiva que se inaugurará el próximo miércoles 22 June 2011, to 20 h., Classroom Culture Cajamurcia. El catálogo que me han remitido por correo electrónico ofrece una atractiva visión de su… (leer más)

Atocha Roof [Imagen]

Atocha Roof

The Atocha station or noon, located in Madrid, is the largest rail Spain. It is the first railway station in Spain on domestic, and the second on international routes, only surpassed by Barcelona-Sants. It is not a single station, sino que a raíz de la reforma integral a la que fue sometida… (leer más)

First exhibition in Spain of Buckminster FULLER

Dentro del ciclo de arquitectura que celebra anualmente durante los meses de septiembre y octubre, Ivorypress Art + Books produce –en colaboración con Foster + Partners– la exposición Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth, primera muestra presentada en España sobre el visionario arquitecto, diseñador, filósofo, matemático y cartógrafo estadounidense. Boletín AV (Arquitectura Viva) Del 1 of… (leer más)

Oils and Pastel: Jesus Maria Casati Calzada. Exhibition in Madrid

Extremadura crib, Madrid adoption. Our colleague María Calzada Casati Jesus gives us his art for a few days at their next painting exhibition which opens this 6 May in Madrid. Civil engineer and professor of the noble art of geometry, Maria Jesus shares the pleasure of painting as a… (leer más)

Personal Blogs: @ Balov

In these pages the essence of cosmopolitan city breathes, Madrid, and the people who inhabit; sus stories, their sensitivity to the problems of others, their daily lives, his interest in art and painting, its policy review, monuments…. Balovega integrates su blog in that spirit that characterizes anonymous to citizens, al que… (leer más)

The Prado, El Retiro and Waffles

“Where are we going today? Choose Retiro Park or better alPaseo Prado?” The question was expected. All weekday evenings repeated the same ritual. A woman, of which only remember her fondly, insistía machaconamente. Los fines de semana en cambio eran diferentes, estaba con mis padres y nos marchábamos de excursión a… (leer más)